5 benefits of design as a strategy in the company

5 benefits of design as a strategy in the company

Design is not only pure aesthetics, but plays a priority role in companies, as it is part of a good communication strategy that should be the directors of the firms regardless of their size.

Design as a strategy is part of a plan that can “range from the coherence in communication and the projection of the company – as a brand – to its corporate social responsibility policy, through the processes of product and service innovation, and the Adaptation of these to the demands of society. “, According to the Manual of Good Design Practices.

Investing in design in a company and therefore having a strategy gives benefits and what are they?

  1. Increase the value of the signature
  2. Improve productivity
  3. Improve the relationship with the consumer
  4. The help to be identified and differentiated from your competitors.
  5. Strengthens society’s perception of the company.

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