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AngularJS is what HTML would be if it had been designed to create web applications. Developed and maintained by Google this free framework is turning at full speed in the standard for creating modern web applications SPA type.

By now, you probably know how to program in a lot of languages, I will not mention but there are a number of traditional languages that most programmers know, know and use in software development , however there are some very promising languages that are having a growth by leaps and bounds, as in the case of AngularJS , mainly developed by Google Inc . and by highlighting the open or software development to open source a high – quality tool with great potential comes, let ‘s look a little more on AngularJS .

In recent years, thanks to the great power of browsers and availability of almost permanent connection, the trend in web development has been to move code from the server to the client. That is, instead of writing much code in the server (based on PHP, ASP.NET, Java, etc.), web applications are increasingly using HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the browser, leaving the server for sharing, synchronization and data storage. If you’ve used applications like GMail, Dropbox or SoundCloud you know what we mean. They are the applications of a single page or single-page application.

AngularJS is a development framework for HTML, free, Open Source and maintained by Google. In a very short time it has become the reference technology for the construction of this type of modern web applications. Some have defined as “what HTML should be if it had been designed to create applications.”

The aim of AngularJS is to extend HTML to facilitate the creation of applications based on MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller) and applications dependency injection, so that we can write tidy, maintainable and testable code. Currently Google, YouTube, NASA,, jsFiddle … and thousands of companies and developers worldwide using AngularJS for their development projects.

AngularJS is a MVC (Model, View, and Controller) framework created by Google engineers oriented to complete JavaScript-based apps. Angular enjoys great success in the developer community and other major projects such as Ionic framework use it as a base for their products. Angle used to make hybrid mobile apps.

As you can see, the software development is coming at different levels and with AngularJS will have high expectations for now try to create some of the web applications with SPA , true that their performance is really good, later we will see a few lines of code to start to work.


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