B2B E-commerce Solutions

A complete B2B e-commerce solution using OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento or PrestaShop .

Your need

Basing ourselves on one of the best CMS in the market in terms of online sales, we developed a specific developments to meet the needs of professionals in a B2B oriented context .

A fully customized solution to meet professional oriented business issues, preserving web marketing skills of a true e-commerce site.

Our expertise

Our solution is entirely based on PHP Open Sources e.g. OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop. Therefore inherits their features and versatility: the product catalog management, inventory, shipping, payment means, orders and customers, multilingual .. .

We leverage the functionality of one of the best CMS e-commerce market to offer a solution for professionals who wish to sell to professionals.

How our B2B solutions either in PHP or OpenCart/WooCommerce/Magento/PrestaShop .

Unlike a site for individuals, your B2B e-commerce site will fully adapt to his professional target. Your professional visitor is not the one to decide the purchase, and may have to go through its purchasing service to validate his order. With the integration of an advanced quotation system, professionals can create quotes that you can fully manage, edit, and then turn into order in a few clicks. The solution also offers all additional payment gateways for payment by Direct bank transfer, digital cheques, Cash On Delivery, Bitcoin, Points/coins, PayBack etc …

Reassure the professional and emphasize the B2B context

The site highlights the benefits and simplicity of quote creation. The professional is reassured about the seriousness of the shop, and knows that he will benefit from many advantages and serious in supporting and monitoring. The professional visitor does not buy mostly by credit card because it does not necessarily has the name of his company, it is important to provide additional means of payment. It should also provide a validation process specific quotation and order.

Creating cart or quote on a B2B online shop

The customer either adds his product to the cart or quote, he can finalize as a standard order. Each stage is from the normal path of a conversion tunnel on an e-commerce site. The distinction between standard control and creation of a quotation is notified at each stage.

Complete management of quotations by customer

The customer can download his quote, modify, validate it to transform it into order, or delete it. The customer can access the full list of quotes that can export in PDF, modify, amend or delete.

Complete management of quotations by the B2B site administrator

The site manager B2B can access all quotes created. It can change, accept or reject them, add products, discounts, and immediate way. It can transform an estimate accepted standard order, and normally do for the future.

All the functionality of an online store

Functions e-marketing base present in OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento or PrestaShop, our solution provide your website with additional tools that will be specific to your business, your products and services: SEO, conversion optimization tunnel links with professional social networks, links with keywords campaigns, promotional tools and options …

You get of course the power of LAMP development and your total independence in the administration of your information from front office and back office.

Our solutions for B2B e-commerce

Graphics and ergonomics in mind B2B

  • Graphic charter to communicate the values of the company, products and services
  • Model incorporating ergonomic and visual needs oriented B2B

    • Design/template/theme Development (if needed)
    • Highlighting reinsurance elements for professionals: serious, discounts, partner benefits, payment facilities, coaching …

Quote management system for OpenCart/WooCommerce/Magento/PrestaShop

  • Creating customized quote by the customer
  • Backup quotes made with consultation of a historic
  • full quote management in the back office, under the “Commands” tab
  • Immediate visualization of applied discounts and margin

  • Changing the quote: adding products or discounts, change of carrier
  • Editing PDF quotations for printing
  • Customizable PDF
  • Opportunity to contact the customer to negotiate the quote

  • Opportunity to turn the control to quote directly from the back office
  • Ability to change the order, to add products on the fly, to apply
  • Immediate cuts to pay for the customer

Features of the B2B fashion shop

  • Connecting the shop with ERP, CRM
  • B2B catalog presentation to size
  • Rich navigation menu, search engine and engine filters …
  • Creating client groups to display prices including or excluding VAT

  • Page rich and rigorous product, with all the technical information
  • Product comparison of specifications
  • Inventory management, availability and product visualization on site
  • Supplier and logistics workflow controls

  • Suggestion of like when you add to cart
  • Full compatibility with the latest versions of OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento or PrestaShop

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