Box Site

Box sites and subscriptions under Prestashop and Magento

The box sites are attractive to entrepreneurs, they offer a recurring Turnover and require investment in low or no stock. Only the mechanics of these sites are different from traditional e-commerce sites.

Antadis therefore offers a solution PrestaShop Box or Box Magento key Main.Based on the structure of the box CMS Antadis solution allows you to manage recurring payments, logistics for monthly shipments, a different conversion course.

A box site is not a classic E-Commerce site. You will need to consider different issues of traditional e-commerce.

The conversion course:

The success of somesite box is also dependent on its simplicity. You can offer several box but the result should always be the same client must not hesitate once on the site. In the best case, the consumer must just choose the length and be carried.

Few Content:

You will need to implement innovative SEO strategies and create content in a roundabout way. Data sheets of product present in the previous box, brand pages, blog … you can (among others) use these techniques to improve the SEO of your site box.

A recurring payment

Atos, Ogone, PayPal or direct with your bank, Antadis will accompany you to set up a recurring payment and secure solution that allows you to set up your subscription.

An Event Logistics

Each month you will send a package to each customer and sometimes you will have to customize the content. The box PrestaShop solution and the solution magento box allow you to schedule shipments and customize packages. You can even set up questionnaires to know the affinities of your customers or even automate the definition of affinities.
Antadis can therefore help you to set up your box site and will help you ask the right questions.

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