Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity is the conceptual representation or image that a viewer has an organization or a company, the corporate image is a part of the corporate identity that refers to the visual aspects of such representation. The corporate identity is not just the logo of the company, the corporate identity is the image, feelings, emotions, philosophy and values that the company transmits abroad and by extension, the representation of that whole set of elements that we as viewers perceive it.

The corporate identity of a company encompasses both tangible aspects of aesthetic character such as the logo design(visual representation), the corporate graphic design (development of all elements of communication of a back gray), fonts, colors, corporate stationery , the elements of internal and external communications, advertising, protocol, corporate architecture , and intangible aspects, such as the philosophy of the organization or company, its mission and its values, and other key factors for the organization as are their methods and processes , etc.

Today more than ever, organizations need to take actions that help to create an image of them attractive, modern and appealing while socially engaged, corporate social responsibility is also an important thing to note in organizations today forming element also part of the overall corporate identity project of the organization.

It poses to our graphic design studio a challenge on translating the above aspects, many of them abstract concepts that define a business or organization in different tangibles or material objects that make up its name (naming) and its graphic or visual representation (logo ). In the work that we call corporate image or logo design and corporate design we try to develop a line of coherent objects with shapes and perceivable colors in a clear, uniform and concrete by the public from concepts or virtual ideas that at first they are only in the mind.

In our design studio through the following services then you listed, we help to create and disseminate the most attractive way possible corporate image of your organization or your personal brand as a key part of the corporate identity of the same:

  • Design of logos
  • Restyling or update an existing logo (Rebranding)
  • Design of corporate stationery

  • Branding
  • Design of corporate email system and sending newsletters or newsletters
  • Dissemination of corporate information in CD format

  • Naming and verbal identity
  • corporate identity manual
  • Design of corporate architecture

Communication protocol and external relations as an element diffusion corporate identity

The projection of the image of a company is well embodied by name ( naming ) and its graphics and visual (elements logo ) through the people who represent their qualities, attitudes, experience and way of acting, equally manifested through the way their environment, their meetings and every detail of the events that are already planned that comes is organized. For this reason, more and more companies join experts protocol in their organizations within the communication department or the marketing department in order to strengthen corporate identity in a positive way with a style of acting and relating internally and externally.

The relationship with suppliers and customers, with the media, with public institutions, events organized whether commercial, institutional, academic, social or cultural nature must be brought with thoroughness and professionalism and following a quality procedure to be determined and also be part of the corporate identity of the organization.


In many cases the continued development of the image of a company or organization from designing a logo culminates in the creation of a brand, at least this is the end of most action made in this regard but not always it is achieved.

A brand is worth what it means, therefore, the true dimension of the brand is not itself but the image we have of her.

A brand is an entity with a social dimension and is a collective process of creativity. A brand will have achieved its purpose if besides producing identification between users or consumers of its products or services they get them feel proud and participants of it, it is therefore established an identification between the brand and users.

Brand express ideas, concepts and values and we must be consistent in its application. A brand is a stimulus to the creation of social ties and relationships between people, build a brand is to build and strengthen links between individuals, is invited to participate in something in common, it is to create a community of shared values, holistic, complete and inclusive in which “the whole” is more than the sum of its component parts.

The brand value

The customer does not purchase products or services, the customer buys brands and the set of rational and emotional aspects so that you can offer. Today more and more consumers move by passionate stimuli, more by the heart than by reason, is seduced by brands that appeal and make the time to buy a unique experience hence the importance of the branding or development brand.

In an increasingly competitive world, only the strongest brands will survive, good brand management is key to the success of an organization. A strong brand will avoid entering the war for the price or the product or service with the consequent loss of quality.

Building a brand is very complex and there are many variables that influence and various aspects that shape the perception of it, however the brand proposition for the customer should be clear and simple, a synthesis effort required, focus and coherence.

All these activities around the identity of companies or organizations, branding, etc. today are grouped in what is called ” Branding ” encompassing both aspects of image as organizational strategy, communication, etc.

online reputation

Today are becoming increasingly important new tools to disseminate and analyze at the same time the impact of the corporate identity of the companies, these new tools are blogs and social networks, can be used to immediately detect any problems that may arise over organizations, perceptions the public has about our brand or product are as they positive or negative, all these data are available also instantly as soon these impressions are broadcast on the internet responsible for branding the organization can know and therefore can quickly act accordingly and correct deficiencies.

But not only social networks and blogs serve to discuss negatives about us, can also serve as a meeting point and loyalty of our fans or staunchest admirers, from our community of enthusiasts or “Brand advocates” and will in many cases they who as a good knowledge of our brand we defend and explain our actions before others.

Experts in Creating logos

In our design studio have a great experience in creating logos, we invite you to check our special section dedicated to designing logos .

We also want a visit the sections dedicated exclusively to the different areas of expertise that we developed in the design of corporate identity:

  • Corporate image
  • Logo design
  • Naming
  • Branding

  • Corporate Architecture
  • Stand design
  • Corporate Design
  • Corporate identity manuals

  • Corporate stationery
  • Blog Corporate Identity

In our design studio created corporate identity manuals to collect the set of rules that will make the dissemination of corporate image of your company a success

We develop corporate brand identity, work on the image of its products, facilities, communication elements, technology, etc.

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