Cross Channel E-commerce

Cross Channel Ecommerce solutions and operational performance OpenSource.

Your need

You manage a retail network and looking to install, optimize or simply enrich your digital organization . Now you know that your Ecommerce is not in competition with your outlets. You are looking for solutions to best exploit the combination of your sales force selling point to the marketing power of the web. You are attentive to the change management, optimization and rise.

Our solutions

Basing ourselves on the best CMS Ecommerce specific market, we have developed Cross Channel solutions with powerful and operational tools such as PrestaShop, Magento or Proximis.

Cross Channel Ecommerce solutions tailored to your business organization.

We conduct projects to bring you the most identifiable and quantifiable value.

By combining the security of the existing to digital innovation, we support you in the gradual establishment of effective tools for tuning an existing sales force and a power / Ecommerce Web optimized marketing.

To do this, we will conduct a survey of your existing to provide both technical solutions to implement the schedule to follow:

  • Organization of outlets and the third distribution network,

  • Identification of forces on shopping outlets,

  • Organisation of the supply chain,

  • Architecture ERP + Strengths and weaknesses of SI,

  • State of play of your Ecommerce and your ability to Digital conversion.

Some case studies

  • The shoemaker Bata
  • The bed linen company

  • The tailor Tailor Men Corner
  • At walls decorator colors of thread

  • Childrens fashion kidilize

But also

  • Cheese history and Cheese
  • Garden JDEA
  • Laboratory Garancia Beauty

  • Steel magazine
  • Bertjeman & Barton
  • Celyatis

  • Airsoft Legacy (coming soon)
  • Cyra Lydo (coming soon)
  • Dammann (coming soon)

Technical solutions cross-channel e-commerce / retail detail

Fludifier to the customer experience, improve user experience, and reconcile Ecommerce outlets and optimize sales and improved margins.

Study UX (User Experience) and Graphics in mind cross chanel

  • Graphic charter to communicate the values of the company, products and services,
  • Model incorporating ergonomic and visual needs oriented,

  • Development of the complete interface (template) adapted to the technical solution,
  • Highlighting conversion elements, reinsurance aimed at different targets.

Cross Channel Retail Ecommerce engine PrestaShop, Magento or Proximis

Possible features

  • Placing all powerful Ecommerce tools accessible to pure players,
    • Public interface of navigation in the catalog,
    • Client Account identifying historical control, favorite products, its release, to manage its returns and exchanges SAV,
    • Administration interface connected to an ERP and CRM management functions, web marketing, SAV, deployment marketplaces, …

  • Features dedicated to cross-channel to the end customer and click & collect,
    • Visualization product availability and booking  in a store,
    • Product purchase with  withdrawal in a store  in a specific deadline,
    • Management of fidelity cross channel
    • Contact chat with a counselor regardless of site or his shop,
    • Store locator with “locate me” with complete information page of outlets (shop set preference, coordinates, interactive map, schedules, photos, special promotions, dedicated newsletter registration, services offered, drive solution, a reservation Appointment,…).

  • And
    • Extension of the customer experience on social networks,
    • Navigation extension on a mobile and interactive terminals to increase in particular the amplitude of catalog selling point,
    • sellers specialize “counselors”
    • statistical analysis tools to control flows and multi-channel processing,
    • connected box solutions,
    • Returns a unified management.

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