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The e-commerce form of business is gaining popularity globally as it saves time and facilitates transactions with just a click of the mouse. From Mobile phones the basic to the smartphones, PCs to tablets, clothing to food, appliances and electronics, e-commerce is there everywhere.

Why online store is important for sales ?

Maybe you already sell your products via a traditional store and you are looking for a new distribution channel? You can also get an idea, a new product and want to launch it via internet, to save money. The motivations for launching an online store are varied. What is important is to be well owner of the shop, and not to depend on a third party service.

With fairly low call price and the promise of launching an e-commerce store in 5 minutes, watch in hand, some agencies do not hesitate to believe that e-commerce is simple. Too simple. Do you know a successful e-commerce store deployed in 5 minutes, the domain name is not yours, without any reflection on design? We do not do such theatrics. An e-commerce store requests a reflection of upstream work, and the choice of appropriate professional solutions. The final price will not be for much higher.

Having an online store, that’s fine. Selling is better.

Having an e-commerce store is not a finality. Selling is the goal. Exabyte Informatics helps you deploy your online store, and is involved in all stages

  • Design
  • Development
  • Promotion

The Exabyte Informatics offers clear pricing, easy to understand, no hidden fees or exorbitant monthly subscriptions, to give you a good vision for your investment with futuristic and relevant projections for sales. The prices are fair, appropriate to the benefit, and are not “rents” for ghosts services.

Selling online is a highly strategic act. This is why you need a versatile and powerful partner who can handle all aspects of your e-commerce site design of the graphic of the website, development of capabilities to meet your online store, setting up a strategy web marketing ...

For 6 years, Exabyte Informatics serving globally as well as local markets in INDIA, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, UAE, accompanying online retailers in the creation of their ecommerce website. From initial discussions to the operational site development through integration all the essential features (Affiliate stores to marketplaces, Inventory Management or, customers reviews …) Exabyte Informatics is on your side .

Develop your online sales and increase your turnover: Exabyte Informatics continuously accompanies you in your development online.

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