How does e-commerce work?

How does e-commerce work?

The electronic commerce gives us much comfort since we can make a purchase through the computer, the mobile phone or any device with Internet connection. One of the many advantages that it offers is that there are no schedules, it is open 24 hours a day. Therefore, we will be able to visit the online store at the moment that suits us best, we will look for information about the products that interest us most and, if we are convinced, we will add them to our ‘shopping cart’ to purchase them.

Generally, the platforms of purchase are not of the own store but they usually belong to third companies that the business hires. This is due to the high cost involved and the technology involved. In addition, the trade works with a bank, who is the one who validates the data and executes the operations.

Once we have chosen the products and give to the purchase option, the order process starts. We will ask for some information, such as the payment method. The most frequent is to do it by card, although there are also other options. This process is performed on a firewall that guarantees that this data will not transcend third parties.

The next step is to validate the data on the card and authorize payment and charge to our account. In a maximum period of 24 hours we will receive in an email the confirmation that the order and the payment have been made.


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