Human interface design

We design user interfaces in an industrial context.

Such user interfaces provide their users with a central view of the functions of their work tools, machines and systems in order to control and operate them.

Through a simple, uniform and well-structured Human Machine Interface (HMI), work and communication processes can be optimized and simplified. Users are supported in doing their tasks more reliably and efficiently.

User Interface Design

We develop sophisticated operating and display concepts on the input and output side. Wherever a computer is involved in a technical context, this interface must be optimally designed for the user. This includes navigation concepts, operating metaphors as well as control elements and graphical components. Visualizations or dynamic behavior and transitions. We develop aesthetic and functional design solutions.

Application Design

We analyze, plan and design complex software products and applications for desktop and mobile devices. From the software architecture to the last pixelated icon.

Invention Design

We question conventions and explore new forward-looking interaction forms. We connect existing technology to innovations in order to develop, examine and make new interactions.

We work in exciting application areas and contexts around the subject Human Machine Interface (HMI) and the user. Whether in the automobile, commercial vehicle or on the machine: the more sophisticated the technology, the more important is a simple and user-friendly interface between man and machine. Thanks to a uniform and well-structured Human Machine Interface (HMI), employees or customers can quickly learn how to operate and perform their tasks efficiently. Such an interface can preferably be implemented with interdisciplinary teams with engineers, designers and developers.

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