Communicate internally with Web tools

The experience of large accounts

Our expertise in the field of Intranets Extranets and we have set up for large groups ( Court of Auditors , Intersec , LDC – Marie …) allows us to offer scalable solutions for collaboration and information dissemination internally.

The objective of our Intranet portal solution: combine in a unique and powerful tool of all your needs and your communication channels to facilitate your daily work, and streamline your interaction.

Establish platforms combining functional applications (management of paid leave for HR services, shared calendaring …) for collaborative content management systems to communicate easily over the life in your business: newsletters for internal communication, survey modules, etc.

A rich functional platform

We use both open source solutions (Joomla in version 3.3) as specific developments in PHP and / or Python. We also use dedicated tools in the case of very specific needs.

Many technical options are: bridge or connection to a CRM, ERM, ERP; implementation of a function of SSO ( Single Sign On ) on LDAP / Active Directory Microsoft kind directories to connect its intranet and existing bridge users with existing applications, advanced rights management and group and user permissions (ACL ).

As part of these Intranets and Extranets, we have also developed document management tools , live dialog ( chat ) to FAQ or even dynamic flowcharts to fully manage the different services and employees and represent a form attractive playful visual.

The multiple uses of an Intranet or Extranet portal Open Source

An Intranet for demanding users: managing users and groups / subgroups.

An intranet to communicate: standardized content management (news, internal newspaper, text, photos, videos, documents) assisted by a WYSIWYG editor and a media library.

An Intranet for HR functions: employee directory, organizational dynamics and interactive Forms, management of paid leave, recruitment / employment and internal appointment, dissemination of reference texts, welcome booklet.

An Intranet dedicated to personal space forum, webmail, chat, classifieds, My paid leave, “I post some news.”

An Intranet for a space for expression controlled: internal social network, private messaging, interviews, photo galleries, events calendar, mood tickets.

Standard features of your Intranet / Extranet

  • Custom Access Levels with fine rights management (groups of users and unique users)
  • Ergonomic and visually pleasing interface, ensuring adherence and loyalty of its users

  • Management of documents of all types (video documents, photos, text, pdf …). Example: sales support tools and decision
  • A Swiss Army knife: FAQ, chart, directory, classifieds, document database, resource reservation system, planning, project management and workflow, forum, …

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