Keyword Analysis

Do you know which keywords to use your prospects and customers when they search for your products and services online? Be the industry insiders might use a completely different terminology than your prospects. Would not it be helpful to know which keywords to use the demand for your products and services so that you can get mentally better?

With regard to the search engines which keywords actually used of course also have another meaning: In today’s highly competitive market environment, all commercially interesting concepts fought. There is here but of course big differences. For generic terms such as “online shopping”, “buy products” or “property online” you have to invest very much time and money in search engine optimization. If such generic terms, however, for your company at all relevant?

With a WebEsperto keyword analysis, we research all the relevant search terms that your prospects use and how often they are searched per month. Then we analyze the competitive environment for these keywords and determine the keywords with the best cost / income ratio. With our keyword analysis you get a sound decision basis for the selection of the keywords of your search engine optimization.

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