Does the lousy design of your landing page is costing you customers?

If you have a lot of traffic, but sales have just … you’ve already guessed the answer. The real question is what to do about it. Clearly, you need a better landing page. One that is a real destination. Not a short stop on a trip to somewhere else. A call the visitor’s attention and keep clinging to it like a pit bull with a piece of raw meat.

A Landing Page to guide the visitors to perfection by the way to becoming customer.

But ... do you really want to go through a dozen designers and programmers to ignore all that? probably not.

That’s where we come in. We are Exabyte Informatics and created landing pages for dozens of clients .

Landing Pages are usually created to promote a particular product or service, and a person reaches after clicking a link, a type of banner or an advertisement located on another website. Most times are an extension of promotion announcement, which explains in more detail the supply of the product or service being promoted.

Characteristics of Good Landing Page

  • Use bold and large for the title of the Landing Page to draw attention to user’s fonts.
  • Use the “selling image” to evoke positive feelings in the mind of the web user. The image must be related to the message to communicate.
  • Forms must take few record fields, thus increasing the possibility that the user is more easily registered.

  • This button is for customers to perform an action either buy, go to a site or pay something. The color, size and location are very important.
  • People visiting Landing Pages do not read the text very dense so the benefits should summarize all the most relevant.
  • This part can put the buttons on access to social networks to follow your page or give you like.

The most common design of a good landing page features are very attractive images of high resolution and the inclusion of all information about the product or service offered. They must also have a contact form or a form to capture emails from subscribers.

A successful landing page that transmits information relevant to their recipients and manages to capture your attention, which creates a beneficial impact for your company, because the main goal is to convince the user that becomes a real customer.

All this has to be offered on the same page without having to navigate elsewhere to capture and guide customers towards your goal.

Top 10 Advantages to create a better Landing Page with Exabyte Informatics:

  • Save time. We save the time and trouble to write everything yourself.
  • Proven processes. We use our own test called “stress test” to develop our landing pages and you deliver results. Working with us is like taking a shortcut to success, without sacrificing quality.
  • It pays for itself.  A service that delivers you dividends consistently and ultimately pays for itself.
  • We are focused on deliver results.  We are well aware that our business will only grow if we help our clients increase their bottom line.
  • Save money.  Because our custom Landing Pages are designed to convert better.
  • Unsurpassed quality assured. Systematically we check our work twice before sharing it with you and then again, before releasing it.
  • Stands out among the competition: For some this “fashion” using predesigned templates. We always start from scratch, each page we make this customized to your brand and marketing goals.
  • We speak your language. We are located in Spain, but we have branches in Mexico, speak your language, we are in your time zone and yes, you can call us anytime.
  • It generates more qualified leads. Our solutions to your sales funnel are designed to get you more qualified prospects. This means you can spend less time selling and more time closing.
  • Experience in project collaboration. You’ll always know exactly where is your project. In addition, we care our reputation for delivery on time and within budget.

Lets turn your ideas into life. Our Experts are waiting for you 24x7 and 365