LMS Development

We make Learning Management System (LMS)

You want to have your own learning Management platform?

As you invest in e-learning and begin to realize the benefits of this type of training, sooner or later the need to build their own LMS (Learning Management System) platform will be raised.

What we offer in LMS?

  • Management module students and tutors.
  • Module management and organization of courses.
  • Module for content management.
  • Tracking module and statistics courses.

  • Module maintenance and platform management.
  • Tools for interpersonal communication and group work: whiteboards, internal messaging, chat and forums.
  • Support module training library, links, download files and programs, …

In addition, we offer two alternatives in relation to the creation of LMS platforms:

  1. Development of LMS platforms as: a new development is made and adapted to your needs in order to obtain a completely customized LMS platform. Being a custom development, we advise and help define and design the most appropriate to meet all demands of an LMS platform must have features.
  2. Development of LMS Moodle – based platforms: Fits and customize the LMS Moodle free software platform that today is widespread and is used in business and academia. This solution does not stop being a 100% solution, but rather as approaches and has the advantage that the necessary investment is much lower than for the development of LMS platform created from scratch.

Benefits ?

Having a training platform that will provide the training department of your company for greater autonomy in management training and will have a much more effective tool to manage their course work.

You increase the degree of maturity of your business in terms of training is concerned, because if you make this investment, is actively committed to the training of workers / as.

Few companies today have a platform of self-learning and those that do gain a competitive advantage because they can provide training more workers / as, anywhere, at any time and with a much lower investment with traditional training, achieving the same results.

According to surveys of work environment, training plans available through an e-learning platform attractive and with a wide range of courses, is an aspect highly valued by workers / as and the candidates / as potential of the company.


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