Maps and Panorama DESIGN

Panorama and Virtual Tours

360° VIRTUAL TOUR 3D – Visualize your projects 360°

View a development or construction project (eg by creating from scratch a model home for real), introduce a new product (showroom) or even go back in time (representing a missing place) are as much examples to serve your communication objectives.

Simulate visiting a place and its environment in a totally immersive and interactive, this is the whole point of the 360 ° virtual tour in 3D image.


Panoramic virtual tours 3D HD 360 simulates a visit to a site and its clear and playful environment. The pictures taken in 3D and representative visited the area evolve dynamically, interacting with users. They can walk everywhere they look, move, act on the image to launch the video, hear sounds from an element of the image …

This process aims to put the customer in complete immersion ‘valued environment. The record is visual and realistic. It offers a lively high-quality animation cost compared to video, complete freedom of navigation, a real visual pleasure and a perfect understanding of presentations.

Example virtual tour 360 degrees of a house made in 3D imaging

The virtual tour is now the perfect web design to stand out, boost your communication and enhance your presentations and internet areas: real estate sales; restaurants; hotels; shops; industries; exhibitions; exhibitions …


  • Hotspots placed in the image allow the user to change his point of view or to obtain additional information
  • To increase the impact and feeling of immersion, it is possible to add a background sound to your visit
  • Virtual tours are broadcast using Flash or HTML5 technologies, ensuring compatibility with 100% of users


These can be set up to offer users multiple navigation options:

Google Maps integration

Short film video integration including YouTube

Inlay logo

Dynamic Photo Gallery

Interactive Navigation Plan

Multilingual Menu

Interactive ground plane

Hotspot (link overlay to any media or external URL)

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