Mobile Applications and Solutions

Your need

Whether Ecommerçant, Retailer, start-upper or large account, we can provide mobile solutions for both the web for your application.

Your device will be associated with all of your multi-channel strategy and multi-device in order to aggregate metrics and discuss future developments in features and uses.

Our expertise

Antadis works daily in the deployment and evolution of mobile solutions related to Ecommerce and connected object:

  • Connected objects : the UX and technical quality of the application can not be considered secondary, even if the inteligence and investment is concentrated in the object and the data center.
  • Mobile Ecommerce : we deploy two moving layers (web and application) that will be combined to meet different objectives.

Antadis focuses on smart OpenSource technologies to design and implement mobile solutions.

In a first version of application, we will focus on a V1 which will include vital elements and features of your application in order to preserve a coherent launch schedule and minimize the risk of overflow.

React Native:

  • Enables a common development platform for both for both natives results
  • Technology supported by FaceBook since 2015 and enriched by the community of the largest mobile developers worldwide.
  • Allows the asynchronous work and the use of native components iOs and Android

  • Allows views in respect of native ecosystems
  • Allows the development of specific modules
  • Used by: Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo, Microsoft, Airbnb, Discord, ClubMed

  • Can be combined with another framework such as AngularJS

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