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A time now, mobile phones and tablets are dethroning the PC as the primary device to access the Internet. With today’s wide range of terminals, screen sizes and platforms, it is imperative to take care of interface design and architecture define good content in order to facilitate navigation through our app. In this regard, priority enable anyone to use our application, regardless of the platform you are using. All this work aims to achieve the best possible user experience, so that our application to connect to our users from the start.

In Exabyte Informatics we have a  team of specialists in the design of mobile applications, which will help create a solution tailored to your application needs. When addressing the design phase of mobile applications our main objective is to maximize the success of your app. During the process of analysis and development of your idea, we seek approaches that optimize costs and production time, without losing sight of something essential: give our app of the highest possible quality.

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We specialize in designing mobile applications. Not a good user experience without a good design is possible.

The importance of a good user experience.

Work-related aspects of user experience are already a must for technology companies because it is an element that can make the difference between success and failure of your mobile app. Some of the benefits of a good user experience are:

  •  Increase traffic to your application. The applications that generate successful experiences to consumers they are better valued and have more downloads as they tend to be more attractive. Also, the apps with this condition have a greater frequency of use, as users associate their use pleasant and positive feelings, a fact that encourages use with a higher rate. In this sense, it is essential to pay attention to spatial design phase of mobile applications.
  •  Increased user interaction If the user feels comfortable in using your app will be more inclined to interact with the possibilities it can offer him direct sales processes, records, forms … etc. In addition, satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your app to friends and close people, as well as through comments and reviews on distribution platforms mobile applications. In short, a good user experience improves your company’s communication with the consumer through your app.
  •  Cost savings and increased monetization. Applications with a good design, useful and caring user experience are disclosed to the public more easily. This factor has a direct impact on increasing sales and business growth, influencing the volume of income and total return of the application. If the application is aimed at increasing the productivity of our own company, a good application design will help us save on costs of service and support. A well planned and with a clear, concise and simple application will meet the needs of workers in your company, generating fewer doubts about their use and management and thus reducing the costs of technical assistance and shutdowns the production.
  • Improve the natural positioning of our app in digital stores.  A good user experience is key to gaining notoriety in the AppStore and Google Play ingredient. When an application has good reviews and positive feedback from users, it is more likely to increase their visibility in different application markets. If the experience is negative the reverse process will occur, affecting visits and downloads the application.

In Exabyte Informatics we know firsthand the benefits of good design of mobile applications, which eventually result in a good user experience. Our goal is to maximize the idea behind your project, fulfilling the most effective way the objectives set initially.

We are experts in designing mobile applications.

The app design cycle is very broad and so we have specialists both UI (user interface creation) and UX (experience design user). The UI team will design the visual browsing windows architecture and functional scheme of your app, depending on the devices and platforms that go oriented. They will also determine the aesthetic appearance, finally developing graphic resources for implementation. In the same way, our team will help you create the graphic identity of your product if still not existed-, or adapt to it if they already count on a previously defined identity.

As a rule, and linked to the phase of functional specification and development of flowcharts, our experts UX conduct an analysis and overall assessment of the entire application design in relation to its usability and user experience, identifying elements they could be conflicting and always paying special attention to those aspects that are important to the user.

In Exabyte Informatics we offer a design service integrated mobile applications, tailored to what you really need, to obtain a product with real value and meets the objectives for your project.

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