Mockups, wireframe and prototypes

Agile sketch, mock-up, wire-frame and prototyping for your business

When performing an app or web, you need to make some sketches on how we want the different elements are distributed. The truth is that there are different levels of sketching, so each of them, according to their properties and trim level, are called differently (sketch, mockup, wireframe and prototype), although sometimes mistakenly used as synonyms, leading to confusion.

Let’s have a look on each one of them and understand how it goes:

Sketch: Quick Sketch is done by hand (with pen or pencil) on paper to reflect the first idea or concept, thus constituting the starting point of what will be the final product. It is a static sketch of low quality.

Wireframe: Used to define what the content and where the various elements are located. It is also a representation of poor quality, and often delivered as an image file instead of paper as in the previous case.

Mockup: Allows statically represent more visually the project. Its quality is high average and also delivered in image format.

Prototype : it is no longer a static representation, it is possible to test the product. Their quality varies between medium and high. Because it allows navigability, delivered as HTML file, such as an animation, or like.

Where to start?

Before you choose a means of communication in the design process you need to:

  • Specify the problem that you’re trying to solve
  • Get to know your target group
  • Have a look at what competitors have done in this area
  • Set overall product requirements

That’s a minimum. Now think which deliverable will be most appropriate for you. Consider your product and Discuss with our team.

We can help you understand, what will work best for all of your web project. If you need formalized documentation, or informal quick sketches and face-to-face discussions and real time design we offer all the services at your disposal.

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