Product Configurator

An e-commerce website becomes an experience website

A consumer centric website

Configure a product online is essential in many markets. Automotive, clothing, housing … all these markets, it is now possible to offer products in 1 to 1.

My car meets a specific need aesthetic but also in terms of performance and my costume to be a reflection of my style and my personality .

The solutions developed by our agency offer to let the master of his consumer product. The product is customer centric .

Using innovative technologies such as Adobe Scene 7, we can now generate thousands of visual combinations photorealistic, which will be able to offer a quality made for demanding clients.

With the product configurator, the complexity becomes fun

Competitive advantage or product strategy, the custom product configuration is now used by most major brands. The automotive sector in the Home Automation sector through clothing, differentiate through customization is now a viable strategy.

We must be able to offer customers photo realistic product completely virtual. This reduces the very consistent picture budget, improve the user experience, improve conversion guaranteeing for consumers to find the appropriate product.

An online product configurator (with Adobe Scene 7 and others) can be used in the following cases:

  • Easier navigation and consumer choice with complex needs
  • Highlight of bespoke
  • Leave a playful side to the site

  • Easily manage a rich and complex products catalog
  • Reducing budget picture
  • Strongly differentiate from the competition

To ensure the success of a site offering a configurator must:

  • Ergonomic configurator not multiple steps
  • Quality renderings generated by Adobe Scene 7 or other 3D rendering solution
  • Avoid proprietary solutions that require plugins or extensions for browsers, which constrain the use

  • Optimized management back office for e-shopping (with Prestashop or Magento for example)
  • An SEO strategy adapted
  • HTML5 technologies available on tablet and mobile (without Flash)

Antadis has worked on a lightweight, ergonomic configurator manageable.We used this technology for sites Tailor Corner or Blue Poppies .

Compatible technologies

  • PrestaShop
  • Magento
  • Specific developments or custom (Laravel, Symphony, Node.js …)

Issues related:

Cross Channel / Web to store / Store to Web

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