Search Engine Advertising

To promote a new website or new products and content on an established website, is supported by two basic parts – the search engine optimization and search engine marketing. While SEO measures are often taken as part of Long campaigns and long-term success will bring, measures of search engine advertising (SEA) are intended for short-term advertising effect. Just under commercial websites prevails course a great competition. Therefore, it makes sense to put in the field of search engine advertising on longtail campaigns. However, the advertised content should be carefully considered. In particular, for special products a profitable investment in the search advertising.

SEA and the advantages

The ingress of advertised websites in the search result lists of Google and Co. is known as Search Engine Advertising (SEA). Every website owner receives through services such as Google AdWords, the easy way for a search engine advertising. Your website is displayed separately on the side or the top of the results page, in this case in the appropriate searches.

SEA This directly affects the search results for your website. So right from the setting of a Google AdWords ad, the new website will show up in the front position for searches. For new web projects SEA is therefore ideal. While need SEO measures as long tail campaigns weeks or months to bear fruit to immediately show the SEA first results.

Search advertising and billing

SEA-measures are to be considered in the classical sense as advertising and therefore incur costs. For settlement in the currency AdWords pay per click method is used. It provides Google every time a cent amount invoiced when clicking on the advertised link in a search query. For operators of commercial websites search engine advertising is interesting, as each click can also drag a potential order to be due to the direct attention of the audience. The cost of search advertising therefore pays for themselves usually quite fast.

Long tail campaigns in SEA

WebEsperto ensures that you will be found with your web presence as early as possible in various searches. We can show you on the most effective way to achieve a successful advertising your website on Google and Co. with SEA. We design an individual advertising strategy for your business that will pay off as long tail campaign. So you can advertise permanently for specific products or content on your Website and always achieve the best positions in search engines. Faster than you think you will come to the aid of WebEsperto to effective advertising that you are new visitors and potential customers. And more visitors usually mean more profits for your business.

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