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An aesthetic communication tool, flexible and powerful

The experience of an expert web agency Open Source solutions

Expert CMS and Open Source solutions since 2005 , our agency has developed many technical and ergonomic solutions serving the corporate showcase sites. Specialized Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, Antadis develops ergonomic and durable websites, easy to administer, designed for marketers, communication departments or administrators

Fully customized, site showcases that we design and develop are tailored to the demands of a market increasingly nomadic and demanding. experience, mobile sites and responsive, we are leveraging all the latest technologies to imagine creating attractive, durable sites.

Simple solutions to the daily management

CMS are technical solutions to manage a dynamic website and its contents without having to have technical skills.

Through accessible interfaces anyone can manage a complex site from a web browser. Put its text form, insert media (images, videos), organize, in short, create and publish content to communicate, has never been easier.

Analysis and reflection

By studying the specifications or defining ourselves, with the client, a clear functional scope, we proceed to the first steps in designing a website.

Technical needs analysis and choice of the proposed solution, first work on the site structure: zoning wireframe work on the tree with a mind mapping software, developing the interface respecting the existing graphic identity, or imagining it from scratch at the request of the customer (logo creation, work on the visual identity).

We attach great importance to simplicity of use for accessibility, with access to information reflected upstream and overall ergonomics thought primarily for the user.

Many techniques can improve the user experience: technique called “card sorting”, creating scenarios, using personas, work on ergonomics menus, color codes …

After this phase, the first design concepts are created on a principle of back and forth with the customer, which valid comments and request changes. The idea is to create a website fully customized , tailored to the needs and desires of our customers, both in visual and technical terms.

Development and implementation of the technical solution

Cutting sentences and integration, through which the model will come to life in the form of a functional site.

Our websites are made in compliance with W3C / XHTML standards, and often beyond (accessibility standards GRFA, WAI).

Depending on the chosen solution (Joomla, Prestashop, WordPress, Drupal, specific development, internal CMS …), we perform all technical development and required settings.

Justified and adapted to technical developments

Alterations, changes, technical bridges between solutions, all our developments are done in-house by our in-house developers, without any external subcontracting .

We aim above all simplicity, both in the implementation of the technical solution, but also in its future use.

Our goal is to ensure autonomy in the update data. updates, but also enrichment because a website is a reflection of activity: it must evolve in response to new needs, news, changes, major or minor.

Our strong training skills enable us to plan different sessions to familiarize future administrators and webmasters to use the tool (configuration, update, add content).

To support the site beyond its launch

Because today the life of a website begins well after the date of posting, we can support our customers on each step.

Enrichment of content, e-marketing actions (sending mailings, organizing events, creating and maintaining a Facebook page or Twitter account, etc.), track statistics (reports, analysis) future developments and technical updates: our action is global, and is not limited to the design and development of the site.

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