Social Media Marketing

Social media are digital media and technologies which the networking of people with each other and thus allow for the exchange of opinions, impressions, experiences, and recommendations as well as sharing of content. In social media web content is produced not only by enterprises, but also of active users (User Generated Content).

Quote this content, unlike in the past, the way to their target groups more often by itself The key word is to say: Share. For enterprises, this means that they need to rethink – a new way of thinking is required. Nowadays nobody wants to communicate successfully in the social web, must the new rules of communication control and know what constitutes an added value for its audience, so web content of users is redistributed in their own social network.

Networking is a huge need. The Internet, thanks to the ever-growing mobile usage, it provides an excellent environment. Millions of people are meeting today already in communities and millions of people are potential users of upcoming Communities.

We show you the potential of social media for your business, your brand, your products and services. We support you in evaluating the right measures in the different fields of use of social media. We can help the potential of existing communities to use or help you build your own community to meet your goals and needs. We will gladly assist you with advice and work with you to a sustainable strategy for the purposeful use of social media!



To succeed on the social web, needs not just the pure presence (Facebook page, Twitter profile, YouTube channel, etc.) and an active community.

An online community provides you with valuable input to your brand, your products and services or your company in general and helps to spread your messages on the social web. Community members are not only more loyal than other consumers but are also more willing to conduct positive word of mouth for you or you have to defend from attacks on the social web (Brand Advocates).

We develop together with you to establish measures to your online and maintain. Targeted measures can not only affect the Community-growth but also promote the desired interactions.

From creation to maintain your online community we are happy to advise you.


The social web offers many opportunities for modern branding your products or services. The biggest advantage is that you can have a presence where your target group is staying (touchpoints).

Instead your messages with wastage to an indefinite number of recipients to push, you can go directly on the social web with the prospective of your brand in an active dialogue.

Branding the social web is transparent, authentic and to communicate himself eye level. Avoid marketing messages and interruptions and build their brand along with your fans continue on. In the social web can be up on different platforms your own media and expand (owned media) to transport your brand values.

Give your brand a face and give you close and connectedness.


You want to reduce the cost of your customer service or wait times your hotline?

Social media offers a great potential to achieve these goals. Whether Twitter, Facebook or in another channel of the social web, we will help your social media Customer Service to design and implement. In addition to cost and time savings you can strengthen this measure also your image as a contemporary company and both existing customers better to bind your company as well as new customers acquire characterized. A well-designed customer service in the social web can have a positive signal to your stakeholders.


With the social web, the media work has changed fundamentally. Apart from the use of traditional media Social Media for PR purposes are used today increased. The users on the social web are not only recipients of messages but at the same time the transmitter. Today it comes to contact with its stakeholders in a dialogue. To know who, what, how and why says it is important a social media monitoring to operate to identify the relevant conversation and actors. The dialogues can take place in the social web everywhere. This means that the times of bundled attention are over.

The so-called public interest divided into bonded partial publics. In each part-public multipliers can be identified that may have a significant impact on your company. These relationships also applies in the social web to maintain (social media relations). All changes bring opportunities & risks.

We help the chances to be recognized and to minimize the risks.


They have therefore to find trouble young and highly qualified employees for your business and want to position themselves on the social web as an attractive employer? We show you ways that you can optimally use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Co. for its human resource concerns. Do not wait long, and position your employer brand in the relevant for your organization platforms.

Let us show you the possibilities.


You want to use social media technologies for internal communication in order to promote internal networking of your employees?

We’ll help you find a suitable solution. The advantages of internal networking are obvious: knowledge sharing, collaboration and relationship management are the most relevant aspects. The use of social media in your business is also a very good preparation of your employees for communicating on the social web. Here first experience with the new communication technologies can be collected. Take a chance!


Who today does not introduce fresh ideas more medium to long term effort to differentiate itself from its competitors and to keep his business afloat. Why not use the knowledge of the mass? The people on the social web are willing to provide your organization with new insights. Whether we on your own social media attract relevant user’s presence to provide valuable inputs or leave these measures run on platforms of our partners, we test against a corresponding project intensively.

Do not waste time and contact us! We help your business along with the collective knowledge of social media users to keep fit for the future.


You think social media can be used only for communication with its target groups?

Social media offers the potential to launch promotions and generate leads. What you need is a creative idea. We deliver creative ideas to the planned promotion perform or generate leads.

Together with us you provide benefits your company and your target group a relevant value.

Lets turn your ideas into life. Our Experts are waiting for you 24x7 and 365