UI and UX stands for two aspects become key elements when designing and developing a website.

UI means User Interface (UI) and that with which the user is to reach the website. In this sense, the designer makes a work focused on “decoration” of the website, and is a vital part as the first impression to the user is fundamental.

UX means User Experience (User Experience) and corresponds to everything that makes a user when interacting with the website, ie, the process of searching for information by the netizen: where is the shopping cart? how do I contact the company? Etc.

Our design experts UI  are responsible for making your website that cause the best impression possible users and feel comfortable in it. This is achieved by creating a User Interface  tailored to your target audience, so that more than meets your expectations and decide to stay and interact on the website.

Something that looks great but is difficult to use is an example of good and bad UX UI. While some easily usable but ugly appearance is an example of great UX and UI lousy

We also work function of providing a positive UX on the websites we develop. After making all interface elements, the next thing we do is to become a user more, see the shortcomings and aspects that the user can throw at fault, and once the website created analyze the behavior of the Internet (where it has played, how time has been on every page …), with the aim of improving the browsing experience and usability of the web.

It has become increasingly complex distinguish precisely what knowledge or training should a person have to be a UX Designer. UX Experts at Exabyte Informatics, know how to handle terms and tools found in the areas of Marketing, Project Management, Graphic Design, Statistics, Computer Engineering, Sociology and Cognitive Science.

Responsibilities are:

Content Strategy:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Analysis of the final customer
  • The product structure

  • communication strategy
  • Content Development

Layout and Prototypes

  • Wireframe
  • Prototypes

  • Commissioning testing of prototypes
  • Reiteration


  • Coordination with UI Designers
  • Coordination with Developers

  • Tracking user behavior once opened the Web page
  • Analysis of the results obtained so far

  • Reiteration

The UI is a complement to the UX , User Experience depends directly on the quality of the interface provided,  friendly interface = extraordinary experience.

Give more visual weight to an action repeated by most users, it makes the experience more enjoyable and satisfying navigation.

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