10 Free online tools to manage your reputation

10 Free online tools to manage your reputation

One of the values ​​that determine our brand is the online reputation that our company has on the internet. For this we must be aware of what is being said about us, our products, services, managers, etc. for this we need tools that facilitate the monitoring of all these opinions, so that through them we can perform online reputation management.

 Here are 10 tools for online reputation monitoring


Google Alerts: Essential alert manager that cannot miss in the monitoring of your brand since it allows you to act on the opinions of users in an almost immediate way and without having to access any manager, simply through your email.

Brandfo : Online tool that quickly and easily monitors blog and forum views, media news results as well as collects the latest images and videos about the chosen keyword.

ReviewPro : oriented hotel sector where you can find reviews and comments from more than 50 sites Tool web, aggregation photos and videos of the major agencies travel, YouTube , Flickr, Picasa, etc. And aggregation of blogs and social media of the whole web.

Reputation XL : This tool allows you to monitor different keywords or urls and receive alerts depending on each one, an interesting option is that you can eliminate sources that do not interest you to fine tune your monitoring.

Whostalkin : It’s one of the oldest and best prepared, because it has a multitude of predefined sections (blogs, social networks, media, forums, videos, etc.) where you can browse freely and get your opinions.

Swotty: Managed via Terra offers you opinions found throughout the network and even evaluates them based on the positive or negative charge they have, also includes the latest videos and photos that have been posted on the net about your brand.

Xopie : It is a particular way of monitoring the online reputation since it uses an OPML format, based on RSS that you must incorporate to your reader of feeds to from there to manage the obtained results,

Same Point : Another quick and effective online monitoring tool that is based on social networks and allows you to effectively view your business activity in real time.

Social Mention : Probably the most complete and effective free online reputation monitoring tool, it offers you values ​​such as branding strength, comments or passion of opinions, practically covers the entire Internet and allows you to filter numerous Categories and schedule alerts based on your selection.

Google : The new format of Google search allows you to monitor results based on different categories, blogs, forums, videos, images …. enabling filtering based on the time in which the results were indexed in the search engine. As we say in the office, if you have a bad opinion on a good forum you have a problem, if you have it on the first page of Google you have a curse.