10 safety tips for using the internet

10 safety tips for using the internet

Be careful with the forms. In no way disclose personal information that involves sensitive information unless it is a reliable site, person or organization.

Social networks, the perfect trap. Not everything is what it seems, social networking friends either. Like the previous point, do not reveal sensitive data of your life on social networks, no matter how reliable you think, remember that many times your publications reach not only your acquaintances, but also, can reach many strangers.

Avoid high-risk sites. Free application download sites, sites with excessive violence and pornography, are an open invitation to infect your computer.

The cheap is expensive. Free music download sites that are often accompanied by malicious programs, as well as infringing copyright.

Frequently change the passwordsof your accounts and equipment.

Use hard-to-guess passwords, 8 digits, capital letters, small letters and numbers, anything that can make it difficult for someone or someone to decipher them.

Update as much as you can your operating system, when updating it also updates its security measures.

Be careful what you install. When you install a program, do not allow the automatic installation because many times along with this installation come other programs that you have not requested or also modify the configuration of your computer, such as the browser and other predetermined programs.

Until I see not believe. Avoid dating sites blindly, many of them are the conducive environment to fall into the hands of criminals.

Lastly, if you own a website, make sure your provider keeps you up-to-date with security updates that are necessary so that your site is not contaminated with malicious programs.