4 Google Analytics functions to realize your full potential

4 Google Analytics functions to realize your full potential

Custom views is one of the functions of Google analytics that you could be overlooking, and here we mention the rest to increase your effectiveness.

It is clear that Google analytics is one of the most used platforms to analyze the effectiveness of your website, because thanks to this, we can have hundreds of features and options that will help us measure our conversions and sales, as well as understand our target and, based on this, determine the content that may interest them. But do we really know all its features? Honestly NOT, so we will mention precisely those functions of Google analytics that we may be overlooking.

Custom Views

That is, in the plural, and is that it is very common for users to have a single view of Google Analytics, and because of the incorrect configuration of filters, can detect certain irregularities in this option. To avoid this, you can customize your views as follows:

  • Unfiltered view (view created by default)
  • View without IP (to avoid counting the views made by your employees, partners, etc.)
  • Filter views
Demographics and interests report

In the demographic data report you can find information about the age and gender of your users and the interest report, logically, you will know the preferences of your customers, two very interesting data types, since they will allow you to focus your campaign on, Exactly, your type of public and your needs, thus obtaining greater conversion and profitability.

 Monitor the loading speed

It is clear that the loading speed is a factor that must be unquestionably optimized on your website, and Google Analytics knows this rule of thumb, so it offers you its report  Behavior> Site Speed> Overview” a Section where you can find a list of the slowest and fastest pages of your portal, as well as a section of suggestions to improve that speed, and so you say “goodbye” to a poor loading speed.

Study your mobile users

Finally, due to the increasing mobile traffic that we have experienced until this 2017, it is indispensable to control this factor and to make sure that everything goes under control. So the percentage of mobile users report is ideal, since we can know the percentage of our mobile users, desktop and tablet, to ensure that our responsive page , in effect, is working perfectly.

We hope these functions of Google Analytics have been useful to you, and you can begin to optimize your website even more, starting from the most important, data, hits!