4 key points you will not forget in your SEO strategy

More and more brands and companies are immersed in the digital world, betting on launching a website to make themselves known and of course, to attract customers who buy their products and services. A web is more than a nice showcase and carries a lot of work behind but what about SEO strategy , content architecture, keywords, internal links. These aspects are fundamental and go well beyond the pretty face, are thinking elements that lead us to our goals. That’s why, since enterprise as a digital marketing agency, we show you four key points that you should not forget in your SEO strategy .

1- Keywords:

One of the first steps, and practically the most important, when it comes to positioning a website is the choice of keywords. They will define the text, content and strategy of link building . You must use words that are consistent with the content of the website, consistent with the products or services that are offered to help search engines in the tracking process. Therefore, it is necessary to always carry out an initial study with specialized tools to be clear what our keywords will be.

2 – Link building:

Link building is a fundamental practice aimed at improving our search engine rankings. Through an intelligent link building strategy we will get more and better incoming links (back links) to our website. So take note of the advice Brian Dean gives us in this video.

3 – Optimization:

In order to have a completely optimized web, we must check that the page in question does not have other pages that give error, known as 404, organize the content in a strategic way , so that the main products and services have their own section, sub-page , and the back links we have already referred to as inbound links to our website. In addition, we must take into account elements such as usability or design facilitating navigation to the user so that everything is at the click of a button.

4 – Social Media:

Social networks allow us to reach users who have more difficulty in SEO and at the same time help to position our company in Google generating traffic, links and using keywords, also in networks.

On the other hand, it is necessary that in the long term there is a strategy of content creation in a recurrent way and oriented to position those defined keywords that we have pointed out, to improve link building and generate content for social profiles that generate quality traffic.