5 Advantages of Prestashop in E-Commerce

5 Advantages of Prestashop in E-Commerce

Surely you have seen in the attitude of choosing which CMS you will use for your new e-commerce project. Currently there are many content management systems with which to develop your online store, we have Open Cart, Woo Commerce for Word Press, Magento, Shopify and many others that we will discuss them in other articles. Today we will talk about the 5 advantages of Prestashop in the E-Commerce.

Prestashop is used in more than one million online stores and especially is widespread in Spain, for its simplicity, its potential without adding any kind of “complement”, and most important of all, it does not require any kind of knowledge Technicians to create your online store in a few minutes and have a basic template, to start adding your catalog, accept payments and start selling in your new online store.
In my professional experience, I have developed a multitude of projects using Prestashop as CMS, since its simplicity makes our clients feel comfortable in managing their online business without the need for an extensive training and advanced technical knowledge.

As we were counting these days on Twitter, today I will share with you 5 advantages of Prestashop in the E-Commerce.

Advantages of Prestashop in the E-Commerce

1. Simple and easy to install

The installation of Prestashop is very simple, following the instructions that we provide, we will have our store ready in a matter of minutes. Another advantage of Prestashop is the basic template that comes by default (here you have an article to configure it) that allows us to have a functional online store pre-installed and without having the technical knowledge to develop our online business and start selling our products.

Overall, it is very comfortable to manage, manage and is a safe bet for small and medium businesses.

2. Complete and intuitive control panel

We continue with the advantages of Prestashop in the E-Commerce. Its control panel (also known as back-office ), is simple to handle, very intuitive and you will always have the integrated help of Prestashop in case you do not know what options you can modify in certain areas of the administration panel.

The control panel is one of the strongest points in Prestashop as it allows us to manage orders, payment gateways and additional modules that we install in a fast way, with a simple and concise interface that allows us to save a lot of headaches when it comes to Configure and make changes to our online store.

And above all, one of the advantages of Prestashop and its control panel is the system of reports and analytical data that offers us and that comes fully installed at no extra cost. These data will serve to know where we are doing well to maintain those statistics or, conversely, will show us where we are failing or having difficulties and we can take the necessary actions with a weight argument; Know how our customers interact with our online store.

3. Modules and templates

We come to one of the best advantages of Prestashop in e-commerce: Modules. Although the basic installation of PrestaShop serves us to have a fully functional store, we can always go beyond and start to customize our business with new tools, templates and options.In the marketplace of prestashop modules we will find modules that we can incorporate into our store to improve the service we offer our customers and give that extra touch of professionalism. We will find modules to integrate new payment gateways, tracking systems with different transport agencies, modules to improve our SEO, etc.

As for the templates, they are pre-fabricated designs that we can comfortably install in our online store and drastically change our design and style, getting a much more professional look and thus making more visits to customers.Advantages of Prestashop in the e-commerce: the system allows us to download quickly and with a single click the available modules, being installed directly in our online store.I have to say that not all are free, since some of these modules and templates are developed by third parties (partners verified by Prestashop) and have a cost, depending on the popularity and utility of the module its price can vary greatly. Here you can find some useful and free modules for Prestashop

4. The Community

In my opinion, the community is another advantage of Prestashop in the E-Commerce as it helps to have a completely updated platform, using the latest technologies and trends in the e-commerce sector. In addition, such user base also develop new modules and tools useful for the platform and the traders who use it.

In the blog of Prestashop we can find interesting tips and articles on the e-commerce sector in general, and in its forums we can communicate directly with other merchants, module developers, freelancers and web agencies.

5. Low economic cost

We arrive at the one that for me, is the most important of the advantages of Prestashop in e-commerce, the reduced investment that is needed to launch and maintain an online store with this platform.

Compared with other CMS, the monthly cost is much lower, that allows small businesses, startups and freelancers can enter the world of e-commerce without having to make a large outlay, which allows merchants to develop their activity centering in growing your business without having to worry about high monthly costs to keep the point of sale online.That is why Prestashop is a safe bet for all types of SMEs, and is the main CMS we recommend in UGS Consulting for the majority of our customers, especially when the budget is limited.