5 free tools to develop websites

5 free tools to develop websites

Each month, we are sharing and promoting free or low-cost online tools that help small business owners better operate their business. This toolkit contains the five accessible website development resources.

Developing your small business is difficult, but developing a good website for it can be easy. We have compiled this list of five affordable online tools that you can use to develop your website. From tracking visitors to hosting your blog, this list covers everything.

Word Press

How much it costs: Free for standard use; from $ 9.95 per month per premium website

What it does: Actually, the most important thing about your small business website is to have one site. Word Press is very popular for hosting websites. The interface for creating, editing and managing your site is simple and easy to use. Although the free version does not include a custom domain name or advanced design customization and places ads on your site, it is still a useful tool for you to create an online presence for your business.


How much it costs: Free for most of the templates; $ 19.00 for premium templates

What it does: What distinguishes a good website that generates bad business that does not attract customers? How it looks. If you do not like any of the templates included in your web hosting service, such as Word Press or Blogger, you should use a more personalized template. Templated is an easy-to-use resource for free templates that will make your small business website look professional and modern.


How much does it cost: Free for standard; from $ 20.00 a month for Sumo Me Pro

What it does: Sumo Me has a wealth of tools to get the most out of your small business website. You can choose from different tools such as visually viewing where users click, email subscription request popup boxes, social media sharing buttons, content analysis to see if visitors read your posts and more. If you just want to share contact information and photos of your business or operate an online retail store, this online economic resource has something that can help you grow your small business.

Website Grader

How much does it cost: Free

What it does: Did you know that your website should load in less than three seconds or the visitors will leave? Finding out exactly how long it takes your small business website to load and how you can do it faster is one of the many tools Website Grader offers. Website Grader will help you optimize your site so that customers stay longer and visit it again. This tool is completely free and, therefore, any information that tells you about your website is invaluable.

Google Analytics

How much does it cost: Free

What it does: Google Analytics is a tool that anyone who has a website should use. Not only does it allow you to track the pages that visitors are viewing, it also shows you where your visitors are and how they found your site. This information, and everything else that Analytics shows you, is important to segment your small business audience and market it better. If you’re not sure if you want to use this feature or feel overwhelmed by all of its tools, Google has a demonstration version that you can practice, as well as many tutorials and videos you use. Google Analytics is undoubtedly the best free online tool that you can use to grow your small business website.