5 Terrible Errors in Social Networks

5 Terrible Errors in Social Networks

It is a fact: social networks have become a very important element of our lives. We share content on Facebook, show our photos on Instagram, look for work on LinkedIn and learn new things on YouTube.

Now, let’s talk about business. With over 1.71 trillion active monthly Facebook users (basically the size of a continent) there is no doubt that you should invest a little of your time and strive to understand the kingdom of Zuckerberg. Of course according to your personality, tastes, age and many other factors, the predominant social network changes.

What is accurate in all of them are the mistakes avoid them by reading this list!


If you want to be everywhere at the same time, you are likely to end up neglecting those platforms that are of real importance to you and the users who visit you there. For this reason we advise you to choose two or three social networks that agree with your business model and your audience, and focus on them.Today there are dozens of social platforms available to almost everyone. The temptation to be constantly present in all is great, but for this you would need a team of Community Managers who work 24 hours a day. What are we going with this? That quality is more important than quantity. 

Lack of regularity

Obviously, most entrepreneurs do not have time to deal with once a day posting on social networks. A big problem is that sometimes, when they have free time, they publish several times in a row. Watch out!

In social networks it is important to be regular, not to publish too little or too much, but to find a perfect balance, based on the schedule that your users prefer. You know that if you publish too many times on Facebook, this can hurt the reach of your publications.

 Spelling mistakes

We recommend that before you post something check it with an online word processor or with a program on your computer like Word. And yes, we also know that these programs are not able to understand a text or to be able to corroborate its coherence that is why if it is an important text.What do you feel when you see a spelling mistake? You probably feel that the writer is not professional. Avoid causing this feeling to your visitors! It is clear that anyone can make a misspelling, but nowadays, with computers and digitization, it is easier to avoid it.


If you stop paying attention to what your users write on your wall or posts, this could have a negative snowball effect that will be very difficult to stop. Spend 15-30 minutes per day to answer your users’ questions and queries, be careful about your answers, think hard and show that you are interested in helping them. In this world 2.0 there are two types of people: those who consecrate themselves as kings of social networks and those who are buried in them. We are convinced that you do not want to belong to the second group. One of the main reasons why you have to be present in social networks is to be able to answer the questions of your users and communicate with them.

Too many #Hashtags

Some social networking users are Hashtags fans and who can blame them? They are incredible! They open conversations, make them easy to find and invite them to participate. But there is a problem: #si #usas #hashtag #para #todo #puede #be #pretty #molesto.Too many #Hashtags

When you decide to use the number key ahead of a word, it has to be an important one that you want to highlight. Read the text you are writing and choose some words that you think may lead to a longer conversation do not know where to start? Explore on Twitter what are the Trending Hashtags of the day and find out what is being talked about Join that conversation!