5 Tips to Sell Anything

5 Tips to Sell Anything
1- Show your most human side

Do not put your company before your customers. To this day, it is imperative to show that we are human.

We have a business, but apart from that, we are people, with family, dreams and concerns.

But beware, that does not mean that you must be totally transparent to your customers, with your defects and virtues.

Try to show only the best of you, those things that can be positive for your business.

For example, if you want to give a reliable and close picture, you do not have to hide that you are very familiar or that you like to listen.

2- Do not sell products or services, sells solutions

Who cares what features your product or service has?

What they want is to give solution to something or fill a specific desire, do not engalones the product itself.

Give importance to what they will get when you buy it and forget the rest. Think of your products or services as the medicine that will cure your main concern or problem.

3- Do not expect a quick sale

It is vital that you be patient and work to gain the trust of your prospects.

As I mentioned before, it is a process, similar to a relationship and necessarily must go step by step.

I have not yet met anyone who has captivated me so much on the first date as to marry him decisively. Do you?

First you must create an open relationship, let them know you, they try you, they see that they can trust you and after this process … will be when they are willing to buy you.

4- Make use of new technologies

Internet is the great tool that helps us to expand our business and its reach with a smaller investment than we would need to achieve the same in the offline world.

A well-focused, well-positioned, influential social networking website with good marketing strategies will help you to sell not just without a tie .But in your pajamas if you want!

Do not think the internet is only useful for big business or business.

Internet is accessible to everyone, regardless of your age, your experience or your gender.

5- Differentiate yourself

Show that you are not one, stand out from the competition, dare to do what no one else has done, and you will have more chances to be the chosen one.

Do not fall into the trap of being normal, of being one more … Or it can be very expensive.

Your smile, your charisma, your personality, your ability to communicate, your confidence and Your way of selling.