5 types of cyber-attacks that can affect business

5 types of cyber-attacks that can affect business

A recent report released by Marsh shows that cyber insurance sales grew 32% in 2015 compared to 2014, and increased 21% in 2017 compared to 2016. According to the report, annual growth shows that organizations view cyber risk as a risk to be managed, not just a problem that must be fixed by IT.

Expert says cyber-attacks affect all industries, but the type of attack used will depend on the industry to which the target company belongs. By 2015, the health care, financial services, retirement, and education sectors are the fastest growing cyber crime incidents.

Gross attack

 The brute force attack will use specially designed software to search hundreds of different words, combinations of words and numbers to try to break your password, “They will even use every word in the dictionary to gain access to a password,”.

Cyber ​​fraud

“If you are in the treasury and I send you an email that seems to have come from the company’s CEO or CFO, requesting that you see the financial funds for acquisition and merger that will be made, and that you would like to receive the money for it today – This is your permission to do so. Whoever is working in the treasury will then transfer the money, “.

He adds that they are not attacking the systems, but individuals and the policies of transfers and procedures. “This type of attack does not target the data, but the money, since once it is transferred it is unlikely to be able to recover the amount,”

Attack distributed by denial of service

This occurs when a server is overloaded with connections and aims to disconnect the website or network system from the target. “Hackers overload your network hoping that this will be turned off and the target will not be able to operate their business,” .


Phishing is perhaps the type of cyber-attack that happens most often, and being up to date with phishing attack methods is quite difficult.

There are several types of phishing attacks and the type usually used depends on the industry. “Hackers send hundreds of thousands of emails with attachments or links waiting for someone to click on them. This is the way that the hacker uses to enter the systems, If someone clicks, it gives them access to your system, computer and all the information contained in them.

Once they are inside, they can actually attack software vulnerabilities, having access to personal passwords, firewall or lack thereof, or even other security systems without update or fix.

Malware, spyware

Each of these types of attacks have their own goals. Any of these is an attack on software, systems, and your theft prevention software – gaining access through any of the attacks.

“It is basically malicious software with the intention of gaining unauthorized access and which may include viruses and spyware. Most recently we see the so-called ransom ware that can crash systems and give them a chance to say: we have your data, if you want them back you will have to pay a ransom and we’ll let you have your information back, “. Stating that there are also Trojan horses and keystrokes used to gain access to passwords or to gain a way to gain access.

If malware is introduced to your system, this will cause the intended damage, which may be related to deleting all the information contained in your hardware.