6 Reasons not to make your website using Wix

6 Reasons not to make your website using Wix

In this article we will explain the reasons why using Wix to make your website is not the best option for your company and much less pay attention to the courses that are dictated to learn how to make web pages with this content manager. But before we invite you to discover what is WIX and how it works, so you can draw your own conclusions on the subject.

 What is  WIX and how does it work?

WIX is ​​an application that makes it easy to make web pages in a simple way, with a very impressive appearance and without requiring advanced programming knowledge.

The system only requires you to drag the elements to the place where you want to locate them. On the other hand, you can add all kinds of nice effects. You have the opportunity to have a free hosting with advertising and acquire a domain tudominio.WIX.com and even a payment hosting with a custom domain. Although everything sounds perfect so far, then we will introduce you why using WIX to make your website is not so recommended.

 Reasons not to use Wix

  1. This application hurts the SEO of your page because the search engines only perform a reading of the content in HTML / XHTML. If you use Wix, there will only be important information for the search engines on the main page of your website, while in another content manager you would have that information on each page, for example the article, object and image, which allows a good positioning in The search engines in a more agile and permanent way.
  2. The visibility of your page will be limited only to those who have installed the browser required to observe pages created with Flash. This is because the vast majority of the applications and effects you can get to use on your page work with Flash.
  3. The fact that your web page is based on Flash, creates inconveniences in navigation and affects the usability of your website. This means that the content of the site does not act as the user expects it and this influences to make your experience in the web page complicated by not finding what you are looking for.
  4. A web page created from Wix loads very slowly and depending on the Internet connections may not even be observed. This penalizes the positioning and rank of your page.
  5. You can install Google Analytics, but without more results, because your website based on Flash complicates the collection of statistical data, something that greatly restricts the possibilities.
  6. Once you select the template there is no possibility to change it later, because if you decide to do it safely you will lose all the content.To conclude, we hope that the reasons that we expose you not to use Wix when making your website  will serve to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this application. We invite you to continue researching this topic so that you can make the right decision.