Prestashop is an open source and free application, recognized worldwide. Prestashop was released, initially, for small and medium enterprises and is available under the Free Software license (OS3).

Prestashop is an open source and free application, recognized worldwide.

Although its operation is quite simple and intuitive, installation and start-up may not be quite easy and in many cases it is better to leave this step in the hands of specialized companies.

  1. Easy to use and intuitive.It is a visual platform and very intuitive in which at a glance we can see the control panel and all the options it offers us. Any type of user can quickly learn how it works.In addition, Prestashop, unlike other platforms that can be used for various things, was created especially for the design of online stores so it offers functions to keep a control of sales, manage our catalog, set prices, etc.
  1. Wide variety of templates and attractive design.When creating our online store we can choose, from a great variety of templates, the one that best suits our website. In addition, if none of them suits us, we can purchase payment templates at not very expensive prices. All of them can be customized to make them totally ours.It gives us the possibility to offer our customers the highest levels of security and confidence.
  1. Safe platformOne of the most important advantages is security. Being an online store, they will have to carry out money transactions, so security is essential, both for the customer and the owner. Being able to offer our customers the highest levels of security and trust is vital in this type of business.Prestashop, in that sense, uses an SSL protocol system and allows you to comply with PCI requirements to be able to make secure payments with card.
  1. SEO Optimization.After security we can say that it is of the most important characteristics. Today, being among the top search engines is very important. Prestashop is a platform that positions very well in a natural way. In addition, it offers the possibility to optimize SEO every page and article and install modules to improve the positioning.
  1. Crowd of languages.The platform gives us the opportunity to create our store in different languages. In addition, we can also integrate several languages ​​at once. Farewell to the language barrier!Prestashop positions very well in a natural way and offers various possibilities for SEO optimization
  1. Variety of modules.Being an open source platform, it has behind it an immense amount of programmers who have created and continue to create modules to personalize our store. Thus, we can optimize many areas of the store and make it even easier and manageable. 
  1. Analyze the data. Prestashop has a very complete statistics system that allows you to analyze and control the functioning of your website. It has tools that give you the possibility to guide your sales strategies and check which ones work best.