7 design tips to get more visitors to your site

7 design tips to get more visitors to your site

It is a term that derived from the English word “usability”, this concept does not have a faithful translation to Castilian that is why usability is an accepted neologism in different fields of design.

Make people browsing your site find it intuitive; Easy to use.

It offers a well-ordered menu

If your site is divided into sections, make it notice

Displays content clearly

If you have images, give them a reasonable space

Make buttons look like this

Synthesize the number of clicks so the user can get to where they want

Responsive design 

Navigation on mobile devices has increased considerably, which is why you should plan a site that suits smartphones, tablets.

Brand image

The identity of your site must be aligned with that of your brand, since the recall of sites depends to a large extent on the use of the same colors, logos, images and images that your brand uses in other media or materials. Use this identity as a badge.

Color Palettes

If your brand has well defined design guidelines, you will not have more problem choosing the colors of your site, otherwise we recommend avoiding high contrasts, since reading and navigation may be affected.

Text size

The permanence in the websites depends to a large extent on the amount of text that they offer. Saturated pages are bound to fail, however, a balance between large texts, typographic games and sufficient space between contents can benefit you. Remember! Pages are scanned, not read.

High images

Hiring a professional photographer is not something that many can do, but the use of high quality images is paramount, since they can make your site improve its performance by 30%. There are image bank services that you can use, they are not very expensive and they can be a good option.

Extra tip: Avoid choosing the first images, give yourself some time to do a deeper search and avoid looking like others.

 Beware of the effects

A page saturated with interactions and movement may detract from its functionality. These elements can be an attractive element as long as you do not abuse them.