7 Tips for a Successful Ecommerce

7 Tips for a Successful Ecommerce

Manufacturers are using e-commerce to reach new markets, to launch products faster and to protect and reinforce their brands. For many retailers the creation of online stores was largely to increase revenue can take advantage of the huge market of buyers. Reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction is often a secondary objective. From here arises the need to have a website with E-commerce, but if you still do not know how it should work to make you profit here we have 7 tips to keep in mind when starting your project:

Instant connection with the Customer

Since customers can not physically view and touch the products you offer online, you need to approach the customer by another route, In this case through quality images and taking their product to everyday life.

Be personal

Customers are accustomed to purchasing products through a person and not connected to a machine so it is important to remind them at every moment that at the other end there is a person who understands their needs and will help. The ideal option for this is with an online chat, and do not forget in emails to address your customer by name. Through all channels, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is a must.

Telephone service standards

In many call centers, the rules are implemented to reduce the frustration of customers trying to get in touch, such as: -Responding calls within 20 seconds -Checking the time it takes to resolve a query you’ll see how your customers are convinced faster to purchase a product or service.

Open to Feedback

Because it is not possible to please all our customers there will always be someone who is not totally satisfied and sometimes they will let you know so you have to take it as a plus point for constant improvement and be grateful With the customer for the time being taken to help us improve.

Environment of trust

Nowadays people are not so confident of their environment and less of a person through a machine, so our work will be to create an environment of trust with the client. Mention the name of the attendant and the position is of vital importance and in case that personal data are required to remind you that they will be handled with total privacy.

Mobile investment

Not all our customers access our e-commerce through a computer so it is important to give them the opportunity to access from mobile devices this will expand the horizon of their market by 40%.

Work does not end with a click

Interactive experience does not have to end in the virtual world. It is important that there is detailed monitoring of online purchases, provide users with various forms of payment and check the delivery time as well as a tracking option or status that can be accesses.