7 Tools to overcome Google penalties

7 Tools to overcome Google penalties

Google’s penalties can be a major bottleneck in the development of your online business and online Marketing strategies.It is important to take quick and aggressive steps to regain your search ranking. In this sense, it does not matter as much the reason of the penalty as to respond automatically.
We recommend diagnostic tools to identify, treat and solve the problems of your website.

If your website has been penalized, do not worry. With the right tools and through a process you can return to the arena.

Know with Google

Fetch as Google is a tool of Google Webmaster Tools that allows you to simulate how Google renders a URL in your web page, gives you the option to index the URL. The types of Googlebot allow you to see the web according to the device, as would be its display. Then you can crawl and render the URL and this is the key to everything we are telling you, in this process you are detailed the responsive HTTP URL, the download speed of the page and what is important, as Google sees it.

With this we quickly detect basic errors and if your server responds at a speed suitable for Google.

 Uses Screaming Frog Web Crawler

The recovery of a web before a Google penalty has to start with an analysis of the entire page. To combat a penalty is important to detect what has caused it. We have software that allows us to find problems such as duplicate content, redirected internal links, dead ends and other frequent errors. Screaming Frog Web Crawler is a program that details the SEO analysis and detects these errors.

 Analyze links with Majestic SEO

In order to face the penalties, it is important to know our links profile well. Majestic SEO is a software that allows us to see all the links there and there. Specifically, if we analyze those of our website we will see if there are errors in these links.

 Inquire a little more with Monitor Backlinks

Perfect tool for online marketing, allows us to see the links of the competition and at the same time to see the links not suitable for our page. That also helps us avoid Google’s penalties in reference to these link issues.

 Ahrefs, the tracker.

Another tool to detect unnecessary or harmful links to our website. It is one of the favorites and the most used to analyze the inbound linking and document the backlinks. You can detail the quality of related domains and points you to problems with backlinks that may contain spam or be unnatural.
The Ahrefs link index has been created from a database of more than a trillion connections.

Copyscape for duplicate content

Some of Google’s penalties are due to the duplicate content that sets some of the non- recommended online marketing practices. Unintended duplications and duplications of plagiarism are heavily penalized, alike. So with Copyscape we can detect if the content we offer already exists on the Internet.

 Most Vital: Google Web Master tools

It is the only tool that will allow us to see our website through the eyes of Google. It will also notify you of the penalties Google imposes. Both duplicate content and broken links and other common errors will be detected from this platform.