8 Important SEO Strategies for Your Business

8 Important SEO Strategies for Your Business

As online business SEO strategies are essential to carry out a successful marketing campaign. Competition increases daily and with it, the demands to occupy a good place in the digital world. Strengthen your strategy and adopt new options.

1. A plan for searching for keywords.

Keywords are essential to be found more quickly on the web. Adding these words in our content in a strategic way, will give us an advantage over the competition, and the search engines could offer a better position in the result. To implement this strategy we recommend using tools such as Ad words, a Google keyword planner to create campaigns or get ideas for appropriate keywords. There is also SEMrush, which offers deeper research, for example, to find a keyword with less competition, but with more reach.

 2.Work SEO for search engines.

In addition to keywords, a publication requires attention to the rest of its components. When we publish an entry, we know that it must have a body, but it is also necessary to guarantee an adequate title, complementary subtitles and also a brief and accurate URL or address. The task is to distribute the keywords appropriately among all these elements. For example, if you are talking about your cafeteria located in the city and you have put a title like this: The best cafeteria north of the city, then it is recommended to take advantage of other specifications in the URL. In that way, it will remain different and the opportunities will be varied. The address of the publication could be as follows: cafeteria-norte-Santiago-Chile.

 3.Work local SEO with My Google Business

Although one of the benefits of the Internet is that it allows us to connect with customers from all corners of the world, there is a market that you must prioritize, especially if your business is a physical establishment. It is the local audience, the one that lives, walks, works or walks around the area where your store is located. To get started with this strategy simply sign up for Google My Business or Google My Business. Some benefits that are obtained with this tool are: appear on the web with a technical data sheet of basic data such as hours of contact, contact and location. You’ll also appear on Google Maps so customers know how to get there, rate you and give you their opinion.

4.Open a blog

Every blog post is an opportunity to  appear in search engines . This has become a law or a marketing command; the experts know it and that is why it is difficult to find a page of some important brand without their respective blog. In addition, this space becomes an option to interact with the audience as they read, rate, write their comments or opinions, and share the entries in social networks. To make SEO strategies for online business even more effective, it is ideal to complement the content with text, images, videos, infographics and more multimedia files.

5.Diversify marketing.

We currently have numerous channels for advertising, from the same website to social networks, through email, forums and applications. Why stay on a single plate when the menu offers us a banquet? Using this idea as one of your SEO tactics will result in increased traffic to the website and a more prominent presence on the web.

6.Call the action.

Do you have a defined objective? Buy, share, download, call, subscribe, read, what do you expect your visitors to do? They know? It is important to make a call to action when doing SEO strategies for online business, it is also necessary to keep in mind that the call to action should be clear and creative.

7.Use extra tools and plugins.

 Some content managers like WordPress allow you to include plugins like Yoast SEO, which allows you to further optimize the input or the publication that you are doing. If you already have it integrated it is important that you do not ignore it and fill in as many fields as possible, because it is an extra help to guarantee your positioning on the web.

8.Optimize site for mobile phones.

We have repeatedly noted the great importance of mobile devices when it comes to surfing the Internet, a situation that will increase in the coming years. For this reason, it is necessary to have a responsive site, that is, it is friendly for screens of all sizes, from the desktop computer, to a tablet or a smartphone.

It is really important that all SEO tactics   that are made, are done accurately and consistently. In addition, it is necessary to evaluate the results in search of opportunities for improvement.