Advantages of Internet Advertising

Advantages of Internet Advertising

As a result of the growth of the internet also increases the universe of potential buyers of goods and services, unlike traditional advertising that seeks buyers at random, internet advertising goes JUST the buyer of JUST what we want to sell.

 It reaches a huge universe of users

Internet advertising allows us to reach millions of people located around the world, and at the same time, allows us to segment locations and specify the users to whom to direct our ads.

But in addition to allowing us to reach a large audience, it allows our ads to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

 High effectiveness

Traditional advertising is presented looking for the “chance” that a potential buyer sees and is interested in it, advertising via the internet is presented directly when the prospective buyer is already interested. Internet advertising has a high degree of effectiveness mainly because it allows us to specify the type of audience to address.

 Low cost

You pay once the interested party saw your ad.

Using an advertising medium within the Internet as well as designing an advertisement for this medium is much less expensive than in the case of traditional advertising media.

Even the vast majority of advertising programs only pay for user clicks on your ads or, in other words, pay only when someone visits your website. You can even promote your business phone number without having to have a website.

 Saving time

In addition to saving money, advertising on the Internet allows us to save time since starting to use a medium or creating an advertisement is a task that is simpler than the traditional one, since it does not require the printing of paper or canvas or requires people to distribute leaflets .

Likewise, our message can reach people immediately, as we communicate with our hard-working public what it takes to upload an advertisement to the Internet or send an email.

 More information flowing both ways

Internet advertising, unlike traditional advertising, presents two-way communication, since the recipient can easily communicate with the sender, for example through forms, e-mail or online chats

It also allows the public to immediately access more information about the product or service being advertised.

Results that can be measured

Another advantage of Internet advertising is that the results of this can be easily controlled and measured.

Through the various programs offered by the Internet, we can, for example, measure in real time and the effectiveness of the media or advertisements that we are using.

Flexibility that allows to change and to correct the strategy on the march

If by measuring the results of our advertising campaign we see that we are not getting the expected results, we can, for example, change the media that we are using or modify our ads immediately.

Unlike traditional advertising, advertising on the Internet allows us to easily and immediately change our advertising strategies.