Best Activities to promote the website

Best Activities to promote the website

Propose the page to the various prizes existing on the Internet, as long as the Web has a professional appearance and is well structured. In this way, even if it is not awarded, the page will receive visitors from Internet users who wish to vote on the different pages that opt ​​for the prize and will have a link from the website of the promoter of the contest.

Making contests, prizes and / or gifts, which can generate traffic to the page. However, one should be careful with the choice of incentive, which should be attractive to the target audience.

Offer free services related to the Internet: for example, mail accounts, Internet connections, web space, etc. In addition, it is desirable to carry out indirect advertising through the actions carried out by users using the free services provided by the company; that is, when someone sends an email through the service offered by Gmail for free, the recipient will read in the message the phrase: Do not have a Gmail account yet? In this way, in addition to receiving an advertising impact, it may be entered on the company page and be interested in its main activity.

Promotion in mailing lists and newsgroups. There is a large number of mailing lists and newsgroups. They are part people who have a common interest and who wish to share experiences, concerns, doubts and knowledge about him. The company must select several of these groups and lists that it considers that are of the interest of its target public and to participate actively in them. It is not a question of sending commercial messages (this action is very badly seen), but of helping the members of the list and sharing knowledge with them. However, at the end of each message that the company sends to the list, it will include the address of its web page so that it is seen by all the members who read that email and some of them can access it to check what the Activity of the organization.

Establishment of reciprocal links. The company can contact the owners of pages with a theme related to their activity, so that they include a link or link to their website.

Carry out actions that allow you to send press releases from time to time.

Requesting the visitors’ address in order to keep them abreast of the company’s news, always respecting the rules of netiquette (rules on the good use of the Network) and avoiding spamming (use of electronic mail as an unsolicited promotion Of physical or virtual products). Care must be taken with these actions and only when the company has received the permission of the recipient. In addition, although the target audience members should not forget the company, the emails sent to their mailboxes should contain important information for them. It should always be kept in mind that, unlike traditional mail, every time a person receives an email, it will be reflected in the phone bill. For this reason,

Editing a newsletter of interest to the target audience. You can create a bulletin to which members of the target audience can subscribe voluntarily. If the topic is related to the activity of the company, it may know that those people who consider the bulletin useful in the future could become part of their customers.

Internet publicity. In addition to the actions discussed so far, on the Internet it is also possible to carry out actual advertising. In this sense, it is possible to speak, among others, of the following advertising forms characteristic of the means:

This is a static or animated graphic that, when clicked with the mouse, normally links to the advertiser’s website or promotional page of the product or service. Making a banner is not easy, since the message should be transmitted in a small space. However, you can give some tips that increase your degree of click through (indicates the number of users who “click” on the banner to access the advertiser’s site):

Make a banner with animations

Invitation to click

Enter the word free or gift.

Make several different designs with the intention that they are rotating and the internet is not always exposed to it.

Be careful with the size (it has to be loaded in a short space of time).