Best AMP plugins for a web in Word Press

Best AMP plugins for a web in Word Press

A few days ago we commented on the blog what AMP means and how important it is to SEO Positioning. But now that everyone wants to have this system installed on their website, the question is how should I implement the AMP system? If the manager who uses your website is a Word Press it is very simple. Today we bring you the best AMP plugins for a web in Word Press.

Word Press Plugin AMP

If you throw yourselves to search in the section of Word Press plugins the word “AMP”, you will be presented with more than 300 plugins related to this topic and for you to be easier we bring you a list of those that we have tested and that work best right now:


The most used today and the one that works best for us. This plugin will activate the AMP function in your Word Press, but for it to work correctly you must activate the AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin , this will help make AMP compatible with your word press.

When activated, a new option will appear in the menu, called AMP, where a series of points of the plugin can be configured.


For those who do not trust the gratuitous, there is this Premium plugin that with a couple of clicks implements in your web page the AMP system. This plugin allows you to create a personalized design, gives statistics, AMP for woo commerce stores, accepts videos and works perfectly with SEO plugins, Yoast and ALL IN One.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Word Press

Another cheaper payment plugin than the previous one, this tool will help you to create an AMP theme for your web.

Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

This plugin serves to make sure that Word Press uses the correct metadata of Yoast SEO, also allows to modify the design of the page in AMP.

AMP Pages by Page Frog

This application allows you to control the content from the same tool “Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP Pages”. The plugin allows optimizing the web structure, making custom designs and offers a web analytics.

How to know if the AMP plugin works?

You can see that the structure of the web is not the same as on the desktop, the AMP plugins, reduce the content that has the web. The AMP system does not pretend to present the user with a very beautiful and visual web, which seeks to show the page to the user as quickly as possible and to reduce the load elements of the web, to reduce the loading time of the web.

There are times when you even change the colors, but you can modify them by touching the CSS of the web.

For now Google does not oblige to install the AMP systems in the web pages but if it favors the pages that have it installed. So it is necessary that everyone install this system on their website.