Best Rules for positioning you on Google

Best Rules for positioning you on Google

Google is the most important search engine in the world. Most of the traffic from the websites is obtained from the searches made on this site, known as organic traffic. However, there are millions of pages on the Internet that seek to stand out to offer their products and / or services and to serve their customers.
The best way for consumers to find you before your competition is through search engine positioning, especially by Google, followed by Yahoo! and Bing. How to do it? It is important that you understand what criteria they use to categorize your information and design a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.
We give you some tips from experts to appear in the top places of Google:

1) Pay attention to the structure of your website
your site must have a hierarchy and clear text links. In your home you must offer the possibility of accessing all the other pages and internal sections. It is recommended that you create a sitemap that contains the most important links. It is very easy to create a Google Site map, which is a file that works as index pages.

You must be attentive to the new programming technologies so that your site is at the forefront and easier to navigate. Also, try to work with a content manager (cms) and make the name of your HTMLs easy to index; That is, it prevents them from being very long numbers or phrases.

2) Quality first of all
In order for your site to position itself well in Google you must have a lot of information, useful and current. The quantity is no longer the main criterion that Google takes into account, so it is basic that you have good quality content and constantly update your page. Avoid copying notes from other sides and even paragraphs or titles, as Google penalizes.

3) Determine your keywords
Use tools like Google Trends , which is also free, to identify the key words or phrases that your site should have, according to what users are looking for in the future you are in. These should include them throughout the page: in your titles, subtitles, sections, images and Meta descriptions.

Pay special attention to the title or name of your site, as well as the description of it, because it is the one that should have the best selection of keywords. If you have a big website we recommend you hire a person specialized in SEO and Web positioning techniques.

4) Always include your location
If your business is aimed at a local market it is very important that you include your location up to your keywords. Use the Places tool with which you can add your location and complement it with images or photos. This will substantially improve your positioning because 97% of consumers before they go to a business seek their location on Google.

5) More text and fewer images
Images, if original and of good quality, can attract you traffic from the Google image finder. However, to display names, contents or links is better that you use the texts because they weigh less and facilitate the navigability of your site. It avoids the contents in flash or JavaScript, as well as the frames, since these do not allow the tracing of the information in the different pages or sections.

When uploading an image in the ALT or in the caption do not forget to include a text with the keywords.

6) Check the navigability
Check constantly that there are no damaged links or have the wrong HTL address. Find and avoid broken links, since this type of mistakes is not well seen by users … and not by Google.

To check this type of errors uses a web map of your content and applications like Xenu’s Link Sleuth that allows you to take a tour of the internal structure of your site.

7) Link with your social networks
to have better position in Google you must have presence in their famous social networks: Google+ and YouTube. Google+ will increase your traffic through the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, which always appear in the top positions. Meanwhile, being on YouTube is always favorable because videos and images are positioned in the first places and more when using the Google Videos search engine.

8) Create internal and external links
another of the criteria that Google takes into account to position sites are the links that lead, both from your page to other sites and other sites to your page. In your notes put related internal links (note the theme is fully compatible) from your own website or from others.

On the other hand, you can make alliances with some sites to refer to yours. One of the best ways to get quality links is through Web directories such as Yahoo! or Open Directory Project. You will have a good ranking in the directories creating links to your site with constancy.