Broken Link Checker, to repair broken links on your website

Broken Link Checker, to repair broken links on your website

Avoid linking to pages that have ceased to exist so as not to affect the user experience or your position in search engines, by managing the Word Press Link Checker plugin.

The links or links are an indispensable factor in on-page SEO and off-page, with them we can direct users to the different services or products of our website, as well as other pages of interest. Therefore, when you take some time to generate content in your portal, it is quite normal that in the older entries there are some links that point to pages or addresses that have ceased to exist, this is what we know as broken links, and both For users as for SEO are not anything pleasant.

With Broken Link Checker you can get rid of this problem, incorporating a tool that will help you quickly and easily to not have more broken links in your   blog. Once you install this plugin, you can find it in Settings / link checker, and you are ready to search for all those links that may affect us.

But let us know a little more about the different functionalities that characterize it:

Look for links is the first functionality that we can notice, in this we can select which sites on our page we want to search for broken links, such as pages, comments or entries are published, programmed or a draft. This way the deficient links are effectively located in all the sites of our web.

Secondly we find the Which links to check option , in which we can select what kind of links we want to review, that is, they can be broken links that lead to pages, embedded images that are not on our server, or YouTube videos Nonexistent, so you do not limit yourself to just removing links to expired pages.

Protocols & API’s is another of its functions that we cannot ignore, with this we can give special privileges to URL searches rapid share, because they usually require other protocols of performance or waiting times, so it is better to focus on them With this function.

Finally we have the option of Advanced, where we can check all the pages cleaned with just a click on the final button, so logically, the first search will not be very useful, so you can use it from future searches in those that have, indeed, pages and cleanings to check.

Once we locate all the broken links, Broken Link Checker will list them in the General page and we can click on the option “was found a broken link”, to modify it through the Broken Tools / links window and to carry out an Effective cleaning.

However, remember that this is a process that we can carry out every three or four months, so once all the cleaning is done we can deactivate the plugin until the next revision of our website, this way we avoid consumption of resources or the slowdown of our portal.