Common Website Development Errors

Common Website Development Errors

Even today, more than 20 years after the birth of the Web, many designers and developers make mistakes that only drive users away from their creations. In general, mistakes arise from prioritizing creative freedom rather than the needs for usability and functionality. But there are many types of possible errors, such as those we will know in this article.

Do not offer a search engine. As websites grow in content, offering a search engine is indispensable so that users can find text that does not appear with the naked eye.

Do not organize the text. The text should contain bold, links, underlines, bulleted or numbered lists, images and other resources that make reading more enjoyable. Users escape when faced with a huge block of uniform text.

Add background music. Entering a website and starting to play music is irritating in the vast majority of cases, even if the music is user-friendly. If we still want to include music, we must provide visible controls to pause or mute it. In fact, it is advisable to be muted by default.

Require registration for everything. Many websites ask users to create an account to access their content: complete articles, files for download, online services and other benefits are barred for those who simply wanted to take a look at what was offered. Every registration process takes away a huge portion of users, even if it’s free and requires no more data than an email and a password.

Inconsistent design. The template must be the same on all internal pages of the site, there may be only some color variations or background images between them. If this is not met, the user will access a section of the site and think that it came to a different website.


Avoiding these errors will result in a lower drop-out rate, a higher recurrence of visits and, ultimately, an increase in website productivity.