Difference Types of traffic on the web

Difference Types of traffic on the web
Organic traffic

It comes mainly from the search engines like Google when our users when making queries throws them like results our portal in the first pages. If your website has a high percentage of organic traffic, your positioning strategy is adequate. But for this to be so your website must be optimized so that search engine algorithms can easily organize and locate the relevant content of your portal, this technique we call SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is currently a trend in the digital world, And if a portal is not well optimized it will be considered by Google or other search engines, such as a site that does not meet the standard, therefore it will not give relevance to the results.

Direct Traffic

This type of traffic comes from visitors who access our website from the browser’s search bar, by entering the URL. Usually this happens with people who are recurrent in the visit of a specific portal, for example the case of Facebook. How many of us do not type your URL directly into the search bar, you sure have done it, right? This is considered positive because it means that your brand is known, but also considered negative if it is your main source of traffic, because it means that you are attracting a few new users.

Social traffic

Each day, this type of traffic is more powerful due to the rise of social networks and its potential to viralizar information and increase the scope of the content hosted in our portals. We can generate a very interesting flow of visitors if we go hand in hand with a professional in the area, who generates and applies a good social media campaign where our users can easily participate and find out in a practical way the activities, services or products that we have to offer them.

Referral traffic

These are visits that come through links located on other pages that point to your portal. This strategy is adequate, as long as the websites that refer you are relevant, preferably those of your branch, so you must generate quality content that when posted on other portals and your being the source of such information will generate Domain Authority (DA) or Authority of Pages (PA) that are indicators proposed by MOZ that are equivalent to the quality or credibility of a website.

Payment Traffic

Best known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are campaigns of limited duration in time that try to get the highest volume of traffic possible. In this type of strategy it is necessary to invest money. To maximize the results, it is important to make a study of the keywords that best fit your website and improve your portal through an SEO and SEO optimization.