Different kinds of advertisements on the Web .

Different kinds of advertisements on the Web .

 Ad networks

These systems allow us to place ads on our website automatically, without having to get a contract with any particular advertiser. The ads to show are not fixed, but are updated dynamically depending on the content that is detected on our website (contextual advertising). It is the most used option of the Web and is ideal for publishers who do not manage to get advertisers on their own. However, the vast majority of these ads are very unprofitable, needing a generous amount of visualizations / clicks to get significant revenue from them.

The most popular system is AdSense, a Google platform that, with the simple insertion of a JavaScript script in our source code, places text or image banners in the sectors of the page that we want. The publisher of the site will receive 51% of the value that the advertiser has established for PPC or PPV. Some similar systems are Media.net and Chitika. It should be noted that these networks often impose strict rules regarding the content of our website, the number of ads to show per page and the detection of fraudulent clicks.

Other networks run a business model similar to AdSense, but use another ad format: in-text advertising. Its function is to analyze the text of our website and convert certain keywords into sponsored links. For example, if a blog article contains the phrase “cheap bikes”, the system will convert it into a link to an advertiser selling bicycles. These ads can be especially annoying and slow down the loading of the page. One such platform is Info links in Text.

Affiliate Marketing

This system can be considered as an advertising case based on PPA. What we do, as affiliates, is to promote a product on our website, leaving a link to the advertiser. For each user who clicks on our link and ends up buying in the site of the advertiser, we will receive a percentage of the amount that paid.

To promote the product we can write a review and spread it from our blog or newsletter. Some include traditional banners among the types of advertising supported in this model.

This modality can give us good profits, but only if the content we produce is credible. If we write a review, it must be honest and based on our actual experience as users of the product. Also important is the context: if we edit a blog about cycling, it does not make sense to publish a post about the benefits of a coffee maker. The deceptive content will be rejected by our readers and will be of little or nothing profitable for us as for the advertiser.

Subscription Paid

Many online blogs and journals require payment for a subscription to read the content. This model greatly limits the volume of traffic that our website can have. Internet users are accustomed to free content, and will not pay to read it unless it is extremely valuable. Such is the case with certain libraries of academic papers.

A better option is to offer our content with ads for free, and provide the same content but without advertisements for those who pay a subscription.

Voluntary donations

If we have loyal readers who value our work, many of them will accept to donate some sum of money in gratitude. The reader will know that with this donation we will be able to sustain the expenses that our website demands (such as renewing domain and hosting and buying computer supplies) and, if you collaborate, you can continue to enjoy it. PayPal allows us to insert a donation button for anyone to make their contribution with ease.

Website sale

It is likely that we have invested years of effort to make our website receive several thousand visits daily, be respected in its sector, have relevance in search engines and generate good profits. But what if one day we decided to leave it? We can let your content become out of date until the hosting plan expires and nobody can enter anymore. Or we can put it on sale in markets like Flippa, where there is surely someone willing to pay us a sum of money to take control of our site and keep it running. It is also likely that our site is new, but others discover in it a huge potential and believe that buying it is a good investment.