Trade is the most important economic activity of mankind and has existed for many centuries, back to the present day. It started with barter and today has come to e-commerce, the fastest way to buy from home and offer products to the world from a digital platform.

However, being successful through an e-commerce project requires a well thought out and executed strategy, it is not just waiting for customers to arrive, and you have to attract them, generate your interest and desire to buy.Next we propose the following golden rules to make your online store more successful and lasting, that is, achieve success:

1. Optimize the product sample page with a landing concept:

A landing page is defined as a “landing page”, with the aim of the user taking the step and”Convert” what is translated as buy, register, leave your data, etc. No matter where you are, when You land you will be in your territory.Remember that the goal of your e-commerce page is exactly To get conversions that is why it is recommended to design it as landing pass and not a catalog.

It is important to keep in mind that the customer comes directly to your product from many points,Not necessarily because you were browsing your web or because you have information from you before. It may come from a search engine or through an advertisement. The data necessary to decide on a sale must always be available on the landing page, so that at anyTime the sale can be made.

One more tip is that you never generate extra stimuli that distract the user from the page or fromThe moment they are going to press the “buy” button. The visual part remains as important as ever,Even small changes such as color changes, location and size of the “buy” button have been shownTo mean a significant increase in the conversion rate.

2. Charge as lightning

Studies and opinions of specialists agree that the loading times of a page are decisive in the sales index. Here are some facts:

-1 second of page load delay, may be equal to a 7% drop in conversions.

-11% of customers who leave their cart and do not conclude the purchase, concern the slowness of the page.

– Every person who visits your website will give you 7 to 10 seconds to decide if you want to go ahead or if you leave, possibly with no intention of returning.It is essential to be clear that 6 seconds can be the difference for your business to be a success or a failure.

3. Do not ask for data you do not need, or more data.

This is basically summarized in: “One more field, they are thousands of less clients”. This is not only true, but is one of the most easily verifiable rules. If the user who decides to buy faces a long and intrusive data sheet, he will immediately become discouraged and abort the mission. So the recommendation is to be reserved in the data request, as well as explaining why to request that particular data.

A good idea can be to change the language and the way to approach the customer, try changing the phrase “Fill in your data” with “Where you want us to send your order?” The customer will be quieter and happy to fill that data.

 4. Generate traffic with the right tools

Unlike a physical store that gets customers through its visibility on the street, the online store is completely hidden if it does not get to go by people and take it, i.e. generate traffic. This means that You have to do a series of actions to always be bringing new customers to your store.

Some of these are:

Marketing content: Currently a highly effective and profitable method to attract (and retain) your target audience is to offer valuable, fun, useful, interesting content, this way you can attract a more natural, That they go to you and not you behind them. The goal is for these content to be so attractive that they not only like them, but also share them, so your reach grows.

Interaction in social networks: Social networks do sell. Although it is not the place where the purchase is made, it is part of the chain to take people to your e-commerce platform. It is recommended to use social networks to send traffic to the page.

Advertisement in social networks: The great advantage of FB is the possibility of segmenting in a very precise way and that opens a great window of opportunity to reach just who you want. To start applying test and error techniques to learn how to get the most out of this tool.

SEO: Pay attention to these 3 letters, as your natural positioning in the search engine will give you credibility, popularity and evidently the traffic will be much higher.

Partnership: Do not discard the idea of ​​making strategic alliances with other companies or e-commerce, can benefit both and get impressive results.

To implement these and other basic rules it is not enough to have the advice and help of real experts,the results will be even more satisfactory when you have a whole team of professionals behind. That is  why we invite you to contact us, in Optimization Online we understand the entrepreneurs and their needs, in this way we can create together the best commercial strategy that will make your e-commerce to the next level. We are experts in virtual stores, SEO, content generation, social networks, etc. Know us.