Full WordPress Site Security Services Just For $299 with 1 year Guarantee

Once in awhile every owner of a website face website security issues as its a pretty common due to several malware bots these days. Whenever you feel compromised by malware scripts, it is hugely important to have the latest backup and restoration immediately so that you don’t lose your potential customers/visitors. But as a majority of business owners don’t know what to do when you face this as you never worked it out previously. As we have experts in the website security domain, who take care of your malware issues or viral infections to the website more effectively and make sure they have a really hard time doing it to you again in near future. Let our team of seasoned Security experts take care of it for you quickly and effectively.

Common WordPress Malware issues are as follows-

  • backdoor intrusions
  • White screen of death
  • drive-by downloads
  • pharma hack
  • malicious redirects
  • sql injections
  • WordPress htaccess hijacks
  • Popups

5 major Reasons why your WordPress is infected by Malwares:

  1. Insecure Web Hosting
  2. Poor admin/cpanel/mysql Credentials
  3. WordPress theme from pirate websites or nulled themes websites (most common “wp-vcd” infection)
  4. Loose rest API calls
  5. Insecure plugins/themes
  6. Insecure WordPress Configuration wp-config.php File

How to make sure you’re infected

Following are the two major tools which will do prescreening if you’re website is compromised. They work 80% of the time, however line by line manual scan is required in severe cases like website hijacking.

How do we clean and secure your website in 5 easy steps

  1. We scan your website throughly (as needed) and aim for intrusion source
  2. We backup the code and clean the infections in each file
  3. After cleanup we send you a report.
  4. Lastly  we make a healthy backup for your safekeeping.
  5. We make sure security implementations so that you dont face such petty issues instead of focusing on busines growth.

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