Get Your Customers to Make the Fastest Purchase Decision

Get Your Customers to Make the Fastest Purchase Decision

An online business has many goals, but the main thing is to sell your products or services. For that to happen without complications it is important to analyze what path your customers have to travel since they become aware of what you offer or your company, until they click on the “Pay” button in the cart.

In this article we will analyze how good the user experience is and how paved the way the purchase is in your online store. Remember that one happy customer, can bring another and in this way you would be having another opportunity to reach your main goal again.

Show What You Offer with Pride

The main purpose of your online store is to get your products or services sold, and for this to happen, you have to show them with pride. Explain what they are about without taking too many turns and remember to take pictures of your product or service where you can really appreciate their quality and how they are in a real way. There is nothing more disappointing for a customer than receiving something other than what he thought he had bought.

Allows it to be easy to navigate

Again, think of the buying process as a way. How easy is it to travel? If you get lost, how fast can you find your starting point again? Is it easy to find what you are looking for? The more clicks it takes for users to reach your product or service, the more complicated the road is.

We recommend adding a search bar to your online store so your users can find what they are looking for easily.

Describe what you sell in the right way

Do you remember what we told you earlier about how we lose all material and senses in online stores? Well, let’s go back to this concept.

When you enter the store in your neighborhood and see a shirt that you like, you can touch it, try it, feel what the material is, really see its color, understand what the wash specifications, and test its size and more.

In an online store, a customer cannot do any of the actions named above, that’s why your job is to provide all that information so they do not have to worry.
On the visual side you can show the 3D images, videos with the instructions for use, see a rotation of the image and much more.

It makes your customer feel that he is buying in a physical store.

Details the Shopping Cart

That is why it is essential that your customers can make sure that they are really buying what they want by adding all the features and indications corresponding to the product or service in the shopping cart Make them feel confident in their decision!The shopping cart is where all products or services chosen by your customers accumulate before you check-out. It is very normal that before pressing on the button “Pay” your customers clutter everything in the cart more than once to ensure that the colors, sizes, schedules and all details are correct.

Request Customer Data

Your clients see everything about you, and it’s important that you also collect some of your personal information about them. There should not be too many to be an annoying process, but the basic ones.

An important fact: If a customer simply returns with entering their username and password should be enough to be able to continue in the buying process. Again, how much easier the way, the better.

Set an Economical and Easy Return Shipping Price

As for the shipping price, we recommend adding it directly to the product if possible. It is much more enjoyable for our customers to browse (and buy) in your online store without little pleasant surprises, as a final price much higher than they had calculated. You can also set it by region, by quantity of products and by weight. Remember: Be honest and open with all your prices and additional expenses.
As for the return policy, one of the biggest fears when buying online is: what happens if I do not like or I look bad? That’s why we recommend that you offer free and easy returns to provide more security.

Offers Customer Service

During the process of buying, many doubts arise from the customer, especially if it is the first time they do. It is your responsibility to be there to answer all the queries and thus, to overcome obstacles along the way.

You can add a Chat App from our Wix App Market to be available 24 hours a day. You can also add a FAQ page, or Questions and Answers, so that your customers can find their answers before having to ask them.

It has a Delivery Service

In truth, we do not tell you everything. The path of the buying process does not stop when a customer clicks on “Buy”, continues until he receives the product in his hands or the service is specified. Unfortunately this can be the rockiest part of the way, since you do not always have the power of decision or control.

That’s why we suggest if your target market and your customers are close to you, be yourself, or someone of total confidence who makes the deliveries.
If you are already at a national or international level it is very smart to have an acquaintance or a referent within the large delivery companies, in case there is any inconvenience you know exactly who to talk to and you can offer a quick response to your client.