How does the UI / UX design influence your sales?

How does the UI / UX design influence your sales?

The user experience should be one of the main objectives in our business strategies because it focuses on the satisfaction of our client or target audience, which translates into loyalty by our customers.

This concept expands to all areas of the company that have contact with the customer and one of them is the design of our channels and digital interfaces that we offer the public.

An interface and an interactive structure that mix design and experience can substantially increase and optimize the functions of your digital channels.

The UI / UX design is not limited to the creation and design of a website or graphic content of a channel but to prior research, field testing and conceptualization to achieve the goal.

But what is UX design and UI design?

Interface design (UI) and User Experience (UX), although they have different focuses and meanings, their relationship is close because one complements the other to reach the same point.

The design of interfaces focuses on the artifact, ie the elements within the screen and their distribution. Here the mixture of colors, sounds, images and movements are elementary, so that the user navigates in a friendly way and finds easily what he seeks.

The design of experience is what the user lives before, during and after using this artifact formed by elements, is what generates that The design of the experience should guide what will be used in the interface.

An attractive design and relevant content, product of both design schemes can make the platform, website or application have better impressions. This adds satisfaction when navigating which will make the user want to return or recommend it in his social circle.

If we achieve a balance between engagement in our digital channels using the UI / UX design, we will increase the satisfaction of our users at digital level and this will reward our efforts with a better perception of our brand, greater fidelity to our products or Services and, of course, an increase in our sales.