How Is The Performance Of Your Website On Mobile Phones?

How Is The Performance Of Your Website On Mobile Phones?

The use of the internet on mobile phones is so important that we are sure that even your aunt who does not understand anything about technology can claim that no online presence is complete without a mobile-friendly website. But one thing is to know it and another is to implement it.

After creating a web page, many entrepreneurs assume that mobile optimization occurs automatically. Although the technological part happens in a simple way there are differences between a mobile site and a regular web, and it is very important to take them into account.

If you are going to have your website available for mobile, then it has to be well made. In this article we will cover all the steps that you need to give so that your users can enter your web page easily from everywhere.

Understand Content Type

First of all, you have to know that mobile travel has its own rules. Two considerations should guide your strategy for mobile content. The first is to understand that the vast majority that enters your site from your mobile phone is in a hurry. The second is that the size of the screen greatly influences how your visitors interact with your content. Even if they are comfortably lying on a sofa, they cannot enjoy the convenient functions of a monitor.

This means that the content of your web has to be prepared to answer questions quickly without confusing your users too much. The hierarchy of your content is crucial: the most important message always comes first. Apart from that, business owners must also give their brand a stellar place to get the message to the right people.

What is the golden rule then? Mobile content should be clear and concise, but never lose quality.

Make Sure Your Visits Can Get In Touch Easily

Mobile users expect to get to the most important information in your business quickly and easily, including your contact information. If your users need to communicate with you and find it difficult to understand

How to do it, they will tire and leave your site. This bar displays your phone number, address, email and social networks in a very nice, non-annoying, and easy-to-reach range.

Optimize your images

If you thought that visual content is important on a regular website, expect to understand how much prominence it has on mobile. Good images can bring the user experience and design to other levels in just seconds.
And likewise, if an image is badly cut, there are two elements superimposed, your page will be a disaster.

With WORDPRESS you can choose the optimization of your images, to avoid this in the future. This tool to resize your images for mobile will save you a lot of time and effort.

Focus on Readability

Even the best content in the universe would not be useful if your visitors find it difficult to read. And with screens on mobiles this is even more true since they are small. It not only influences the font size, but the font type as well.

Another important factor is to understand colors, contrasts and spaces. The colors of your site have to be in harmony with the rest of the elements, colors and functions.

Create Shortcuts to Make It Easier Search

The mobile web is based on actions with fast results. Navigating a mobile webpage is a bit more complex than doing it on a desktop, make sure no one gets lost! Add a search bar and allow your users to type what they want to find.

The search bar saves time and reduces the amount of steps a visitor has to take to get to what they are looking for. Who said the shortcuts were not good?